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Interview with Shally Makin from Rootsvida.com on Bongyatra

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Bongyatra interview

1) Tell us something about yourself.

While at work, my heart keeps wandering in the hills, playing in the sandy beaches and eating the best puchkas while listening to old stories about havelis. Yes that makes me a dreamer, an adventure freak and a storyteller. It is this belief combined with my wealth of experiences in creating the best travel journeys that excited me to start my blog, join The Walking School Bus (TWSB) as the Expedition Leader- India and become a Delhi – Chapter Lead for Travel Massive
– A global Travel community.


2) After visiting which place you started your blog?

It was the visit to Jodhpur that opened all doors for me. Away from the busy roads as I continue to wander and reincarnate. From rafting and camping in Rishikesh to road tours through Ladakh and Spiti and trekking through Bhutan, I love meaningful and immersive experiences searching for adventure with a side of

Bongyatra interview

local flavour. I then ventured into traveling to immerse into the world of experiences. With its unique content, Roots’ approach is reflected in the happiness quotient of its readers. You can read my experiences here www.rootsvida.wordpress.com

3) What is the one thing you can never travel without?

My Blue Bandana gifted by my sister. It can either totally be a fashion thing, but it has so many practical benefits! It can cover your eyes during an impromptu nap, keep your hair off your face when you’re seriously sweating, cover your nose in case of severe dust or bad smell and more.

Bongyatra interview

4) What’s the first ever trip in your life and how old were you back then?

Bongyatra interviewMy first trip apart from family ( that used to happen since I was a year old ) was a trip to Pushkar with my friends in the year 2011. This trip gave me friends for lifetime, some planning lessons, super adventure because we missed our train and then there was never looking back.

5) What makes your blog so distinctive from its contemporary blogs?

Indeed it is. In order to keep it interesting, I love penning down my experiences, incidents and discoveries instead of telling people how to plan that trip. Today, one can get each and every information about any place on google with a click. What they miss to find out is how to enjoy or look for, once they have reached the destination. In all my blogs, you will find a perfect place to stay which again is an experience in itself, conversations with people who would change my perspective or simply an incident that made me learn something.

Bongyatra interview

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6) What is the most unique experience you’ve ever had while travelling?

For me there have been many many such experiences. From choosing to go for a safari in a royal Russian jeep in Jodhpur to a drive in Chakrata on a top of the Bolero through the winding roads, I do not hesitate to stop myself from having an adventure. From staying in hostels with only foreigners around and not understanding one single language to ploughing a field with the local villagers or staying a luxury suite without spending a penny, I have had some amazing time. Not to miss, I got lost in the streets of Penang, Malaysia just so I could discover something unique.

Bongyatra interview

7) How do you decide on a destination? What are the key factors behind your every selection?

I say, “I want to visit every place and experience everything atleast once.” So, I keep my adventure checklist ready to experience every sport once every season or plan a weekend a month out to a place I have never been to before. Accessibility, safety and time of the year are the only other parameters that I keep in mind before planning a trip.

8) Do you idolize anyone in particular that inspires you for travelling and blogging?


Yes I love Jyotsana Ramani who writes as Wander with Jo. I feel she is just amazing with her content and zeal to travel anywhere in the world.

9) What’s the lesson you have learnt from your travelling experiences?

I believe, travelling is a perfect teacher. It is beautiful and harsh at the same time. To summarise it well, my tryst with travel has made me more calm, non-judgmental, open with my thoughts and stronger in my willpower. One must travel to that know there is world outside their cocoons, waiting to be explored.

Escape Now, coz there is never a tomorrow!

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