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Interview with travel blogger Darpan Dodiya

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Interview with travel blogger Darpan Dodiya who writes his travel stories at www.darpandodiya.com

1)    Has any travel blogger inspired you so far?

Yes definitely.

It all started when I wanted to visit a place in Gujarat and found a blog post written by THE WANDERER (https://www.sid-thewanderer.com/) The narration of his trip experience was unparallel. His photography was top notch too. Sid was starting point for me. Later on, as I learned more about travel blogs, I found the one of Sandeepa Chetan (https://sandeepachetan.com/) amusing.

2)    Did you experience obstacles while creating a travelogue?

I had no difficulties in the technical side of the travelogue – since I have a background in Computer Science. Skills like SEO, WordPress, Site Optimization came naturally to me.

Nevertheless, in the early days of my blogging, I had a lot of trouble on the writing part of a travelogue. My English was terrible, and I made a lot of primitive grammar mistakes. (https://www.darpandodiya.com/travel/don-hill-station-gujarat/) Also, in the initial days since no was reading my travelogues, I wondered if there was any worth keep writing.

3)    Do you have an interesting travel story to share with our viewers?

Our first day of Bhutan trip, we went to Buddha Statue located on the hills near Thimphu city.

The place was magnificent (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dordenma.jpg), chilling winds and amazing views made sure that we stay there up until sunset.

The sun had set behind the hills prompting us to leave the arena to go back to the Thimphu. So, we reach to the parking area from where we would get cabs back to the city. Lo-and-behold, there were exactly 0 vehicles and 0 people at the parking lot. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we screwed up by staying late at the place.

Our first day in new country, we didn’t know anyone. Didn’t have working phone. The only option left to us was to walk down from the hills all the way in the city – about 10 kms. The walk back to the city was absolutely terrifying, we were passing through thick woods, at 0-degree Celsius temperature, and in a country where were never before.

We were so glad to be back to hotel without scar.

4)   Have you added any global tourist hotspot to your list of favorites?

I’ve been always stunned by the mind-blowing greenery of country side Europe. It’s on my favorites list.

5)    Which travel destinations do you consider to be the most over-rated?

This is tricky question for me. So far…I haven’t really found any place to be over-rated. Of all my trips, I was always to experience or learn a couple of new things.

6)    What are the must-haves for your international trips?

  • Quality travel backpack
  • Travel adapter
  • Copy of passport and a handful of passport size photos
  • Credit/debit card with international transactions enabled
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Familiarity with common words of the destination country language

7) Do you create blogs to connect to fellow globe-trotters or merely to have fun?

Merely to have fun.

Although, as a side produce, I was fortunate to connect with many globe-trotters too.

8)    Would you like to share a word of caution for the aspiring travelers?

I’d like to share a graph that I have come across recently:

There will be an initial burst of excitement where you’d want to do something, no matter whatever it takes.

Then comes the big drop.

The key is to overcome this drop and be consistent.

9)    Are you planning to visit any other global hotspotvery soon?

Yes, I am getting super hyped for my upcoming trips to Thailand and Indonesia!

10)   Have you been inspired by any of your tours to take up blogging? 

I visited many amazing places near to my hometown which no one knew of. The area is called the Dangs. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNAZMJ02_6g)

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