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Interview with Travel Bloggers David & Veronica @Gypsynester

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1.Why did you take up travel blogging? Did you get inspired by something special?

Like most couples, we had a big now what? moment when the last child was ready to fly the nest. We were living in The Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands, so with all the kids gone we thought it was a good time to go back up to The States and reconnect with family and friends.  After seeing everyone we had another now what? moment and decided we liked the lifestyle and wanted to keep traveling.

Veronica had worked in tech for years and had started GypsyNester.com while we roamed around, mostly as a way to keep our loved ones posted on our adventures, but when we decided to continue our travels we thought that we should also focus on the blog.

2. What’s your travel style?

We like to call it “low to the ground” meaning we try to immerse ourselves in a destination and get a feel for the real life. We also like to look for off the beaten path and quirky attractions.


3. How do you keep things within your budget? Can you share an estimation of all regular costs involved?

When we started out we traveled very cheap, in a beat up old motorhome that we bought on Ebay. Now most of our trips are sponsored by travel companies in exchange for writing stories about them so we still don’t spend a ton of money.

4. Do you have Travel insurance? Do you consider any specific factor for choosing one?

We generally don’t use travel insurance,

5. Do you manage to get any financial benefits for leading your traveling lifestyle?

We have to some degree, mostly in the form of travel. We could never in a million years have afforded to go all of the places we have been. We also have a book, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All(Skyhorse 2015), that sold well, and we have taken on quite a few free-lance writing jobs along with advertising income from Gypsynester.com.

6. Have you ever fallen in love with any place? Tell us more about its people and tourist hotspots.

This is always such a hard question because we have visited so many fantastic places. The amazing diversity of animals and topography of the Galapagos Islands makes them a definite favorite. But we also love Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for its unique archeologic sites, and they have some great food too. Oh, and speaking of food, we have to include Italy in our favorites. Newfoundland also springs to mind for some of the friendliest people we have ever met.

7. Do you remember gaining any extraordinary experience? What was it?

There have been many. Certainly jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet qualifies. We have also flown over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, parasailed off the cliffs in Peru, watched the sunrise at Macchu Picchu, fed crocodiles, walked on the Great Wall of China, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, and sailed the Galapagos Islands along with countless other incredible experiences, but mostly we learned that doing all of this has kept us young at heart and still in love.

8. Don’t you feel exhausted while traveling? How do you cope with the unexpected?

We found fairly early on that our stress level had been greatly reduced by the kids being grown and our job being traveling. Most situations can be dealt with and so far none have been too difficult. In ten years of doing this we have not missed a trip… knock on wood.

9. Would you like to share a few traveling hacks? Share a few things that aren’t usually known to most of us around.

We have what we call “the one trip rule.” This means everything we pack must be able to be carried from plane to cab, to bus, to train, to hotel, in one trip. That way nothing is ever left alone so it works for both safety and time saving.

10. Do you have a new destination in mind?

Antarctica is top of our list because that would mean we have visited all seven continents.

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