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Itachuna Rajbari – A Century-Old Heritage Site that Reflects a Bygone Era

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Itachuna Rajbari

The Itachuna Rajbari has witnessed history for over 100 years and is counted amongst a number of famous historical places in India. It stands tall amidst lush green fields and its magnificent brick-red structure captivates your mind from at a distance. This place is an ideal destination for all weekend visitors. While allowing you to connect to the Mother Nature, this place yields a great tourist hotspot with all the modern amenities of life. Once you move inside the Rajbari, you’ll experience much of their royal aura and witness a piece of history besides enjoying ample opportunities of taking snapshots of the mansion and the royal garden surrounding it. You’ll even feel the purity of nature in the air around besides cherishing the calm ambiance of the place at night.

The First Impression

While entering this opulent structure, you’ll begin experiencing the pristine beauty of this rich heritage site that’s owned by the Kundu family. The five mahals project the real beauty of this gigantic mansion as you immediately start comparing it to any other “Zamindar Bari” that you’ve read about in history books as a child. The entire place depicts the true affluence and legacy of this family as you check out their Guest house, Ballet Dancing Hall, Andar Mahal, Kitchen house and Courthouse.

Various antique pieces of furniture have been used by the Kundu’s for furnishing these rooms, which are now being offered to weekend visitors. Witnessing a piece of history feels worthy as your eyes meet with wooden tables, antique chairs, ornate bedposts, metal caskets, expanded sofas, and pictures of their ancestors. You’ll hear the murmuring of time and smell the happenings of British Bengal as you breathe the history of a bygone era. Your weekend trip will turn out to be a memorable experience for your loved ones as they enjoy every moment of the royal legacy.

There’s also a pond guarded by walls within lush green surroundings of the “Khamar Bari” known as “Khidki Pukur”.  All five mahals are connected by the rooftop terrace, which provides a panoramic view of an enchanting sunset. This is an ideal site for family get-togethers and outdoor shooting. The aura of this place keeps you mesmerized during the moonlight nights.

Accommodation at Itachuna Rajbari

It’s actually a matter of fascination and intrigue for the visitors of Itachuna Rajbari to enjoy a unique staying experience within a centuries-old mansion. The thrill of witnessing the center-stage of a bygone era can’t be matched by the comfort of any five-star resort. Its unique position in Bengal’s history and rich heritage places this Rajbari ahead of other well-maintained tourist properties.

When it comes to booking a stay within the Itachuna Rajbari, you may choose between four different categories of rooms. The air conditioning facilities are present in eight rooms, so you ought to book your stay in advance. You may even choose one of the ultra-luxury rooms that have an open garden terrace attached to them. An elegant fountain, custom lightings and antique pieces will add to your imagination. Uninterrupted power supply, air conditioners, Cable-TVs, intercom telephones, and geysers are amongst the modern amenities that you can enjoy within ultra-luxury rooms that come with royal-styled interior decors.

An open portico and a manicured royal garden overlooking the entire area delivers an extraordinary treat for your eyes. You may feel like opting for an extended stay at this royal mansion and experience the comfort of large attached bathrooms and large bed made of teak wood worth a king size. It will help you achieve a home away from home that fulfills all that you missed in your routine life. A group of dedicated, honest, and courteous individuals is working towards delivering a comfortable stay for all guests. You’re bound to get pampered by the round-the-clock service provided by their friendly staff.

How to spend time at Itachuna Rajbari

You can’t miss an afternoon stroll or an evening walk around the Rajbari. A journey that takes you back in time gets more fulfilled by the sweetness of bells ringing in the temple and the chirping of the small birds, right in the morning. Witnessing the sunset near the pond or visiting the lush green fields sets a picturesque backdrop for a few quick snaps.

The guest house or “atithisala” has been serving priests for a hundred years; it stands right on the opposite side facing the Rajbari and is in a dilapidated condition right now. A smell of the wet soil will captivate your mind as you set your foot on the ground and soak in the natural features of this region. You may notice the sound of the last train heading towards Howrah at night and engage yourself in a game of Kit-Kit or Kabaddi with your loved ones. These are a few good options to set yourself free from your regular busy schedule at work. You’ll find ample opportunities to discover yourself once again and carry the memories of a wholesome weekend tour back with you.

Other places of attraction near Itachuna Rajbari

There are a few eminent historic places that you must check out during your stay, The Pandua Minar is another century-old monument, which is a symbol of British India that you can’t miss out. It’s only a 15 min drive. Driving for a period of 45 min from Itachuna will take you the Bandel church, which is another heritage site. You may even choose to visit the Chinsura Imambara, which is another 40 min drive from the Rajbari. Alternatively, you may drive for 30 mins and pay a visit to Chandernagore – French Colony.

How to reach Itachuna Rajbari from Kolkata?

You must move in the direction of Bardhaman and once you cross the Vidyasagar Setu or Dakshineswar, you’ll need to follow the Durgapur Expressway. Once you get past the Dankuni toll plaza, you’ll need to cover a distance of 40 km and leave the Hindustan Hotel and the Azad Hind Dhaba on your left. By taking the immediate left exit, move right and you’ll find yourself below the bridge at Bosipur.

Continue driving straight till you reach Halusai at a distance of 19 km. Move left and follow the Plaba-Khanyan road till you reach the Khanyan Railway Station. In about 10 minutes, you’ll find the Itachuna Rajbari on your left.

Any Bardhaman bound local train from Howrah that follows the main-line will help you reach the Khanyan Railway station. For those of you that are attempting to reach Khanyan railway station from Asansol or Durgapur, it’s easier to board to Howrah bound local train. Itachuna Rajbari stands about 3 km from the Khanyan railway station, which is more easily accessible from most of the townships in Bengal. Spending a weekend amid a naturally gifted heritage site will provide ample food for thought to you for years.

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