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Kolkata Getaways: Top Road Trips To Go On Today!

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Kolkata is a beautiful, tradition-infused city that attracts tourists from all over the world each year. The ‘City of Joy’ offers an incredible experience to its visitors. It truly makes one wonder how much fun it would be to live in the joyous city. Lucky are those who get to understand Kolkata in this manner. However, this does not necessarily mean that non-residents remain devoid of the ultimate Kolkata experience. One can take shorter road trips across the city to understand it better. There are several weekend getaways around Kolkata that make it an ideal escape for those looking to get away from their everyday chores.

Here is a list of road trips from Kolkata:

En-route Raichak!

Whoever said that you can’t drive far enough from Kolkata to enjoy a marvelous, experience-filled road trip probably lied to you. There’s a cute little town called Raichak, which is merely 2 hours away from Kolkata that you can drive to with your family or friends. It is situated on the banks of Ganges, so you can imagine that kind of amazing sceneries awaiting you. Raichak offers its visitors the perfect opportunity to unwind themselves and feel closer to nature.

Let’s go to Taki!

Another small town near Kolkata goes by the name of Taki. It lies closer to the Bangladesh border, therefore, there is an infused-type of cultural experience that you might receive over there. Nonetheless, it is perfect for visitors as it is 2 to 3 hours away from the city of Kolkata. If you want to escape the boring monotony of life then Taki will certainly rescue you! The city offers numerous activities such as boat-riding and religious visitations. Travelers can enjoy a boat ride on the Ichamati River wherein you might run into friendly folks from Bangladesh as well. There are many local houses and temples that you can pay homage to.

Henry’s Island awaits you!

As foreign as Henry’s Island sounds, it is just as traditional by nature. Situated next to Bakkhali, one can witness the incredible tip of the Sunderbans from the prime locations of this region. The place is filled with wide-ranging white beaches and mangrove forests. These are unlike any other that you have seen until now. In fact, these two reasons are perhaps the main highlights of Henry’s Islands. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a beach holiday without facing a lot of crowd then this option is ideal for you.

Mayapur to the rescue!

The iconic ISKCON temple is situated in Mayapur. Therefore, the city ends up attracting huge number of devotees each year. Quite naturally, Mayapur is filled with a tranquil-like ambience. We personally feel that one should feel close to spirituality at least once in their lifetimes to enjoy life at the fullest. It is perfect because it is situated quite close to Kolkata. You can go on long walks along the Hooghly River as well.

Take a break for Shantiniketan

If you want to understand the Bengal history better then Shantiniketan might be the answer to all your queries. This place is worth taking a break from your work for. The city offers an immersive journey through the rich cultural background of West Bengal as a whole. The best part about the region is that it is quite and its ambience truly feels historic. Did you know? Shantiniketan is the hometown of the great Rabindranath Tagore! If this isn’t enough reason for you to pack you bags and head to Shantiniketan then we don’t know what will be!

Don’t miss Mandarmani!

While you are visiting all these beautiful locations around Kolkata, don’t forget Mandarmani. It is important for you to tick it off your list especially because it is filled with a fair level of pristine beaches. There are many other fabulous locations around Mandarmani itself that offer different kinds of experiences. The list includes: Tajpur, Talsari andShankarpur to name a few.The mostbeautiful aspect of these weekend getaways from Kolkata is that all of them lie in the scenic drive through paddy fields, green meadows and ponds as you head towards the sea.

What’s stopping you from visiting Digha?

If you are a true Kolkatan, then you will understand the importance of visiting Digha at least once. If you are not, you will still understand the value that this region holds. It is among the most popular destinations for road trips from Kolkata because of its amazing sceneries and nature-filled pathways.

Last but not the least – Bankura

Bankura is an amazing place located only a stone’s throw away from the city of Joy. One of the main reasons why it has managed to become so popular is because it is merely a short drive away from the city. The city is filled with lights, life and luminous energy unlike any other. There are many popular tourist destinations within Bankura itself such as like Mukutmanipur, Jayrambati and Bishnupur. One can easily make the most of it by picking up a weekend and setting the journey there. Don’t forget to purchase the popular Balucharisarees while you are in Bankura.


If you want to experience Kolkata in its truest form, you won’t be able to gain a fulfilling experience by just visiting the city itself. With time, you will realize the importance that lies behind all the regions surrounding the city. Be sure to pack your bags but this time for a shorter trip to all these amazing road-trips around Kolkata.

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