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Luxury Train Travel: Is India Gearing up for a Change?

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As per recent reports, the Government of India in a bid to shore up rail tourism has actually gone on to declare cheaper ticket prices. So, going by this particular report, if anyone who had earlier cringed at the thought of getting on board Royal Orient or Palace on Wheels or the Maharaja Express just because of their exorbitant prices – can now breathe easy! Way easy! Reportedly, all these names along with other major inclusions might as well offer whopping discounts of up to 50% on the ticket prices. Known for their lavish services and regal cabins, the luxury trains are mostly popular among foreign tourists. It’s the news of their plummeting revenues in the previous year that has actually spurred these rumors that are yet to be confirmed!

Figuring out Nuances

Documented below are other pieces of information surfacing:

 The luxury salons within the trains were accessible only to the Prime Minister earlier – in future – however- they might be thrown open to common passengers as well

 You will be allowed to book 2 bedroom carriages along with a kitchen, private lounge and bathroom

 All these decisions were reportedly made at the Policy Review Meeting of the Railway Board on 1st March

The news itself keeps us stoked. Ask the most seasoned travelers out there and they will tell you that despite some of the most treasured experiences that they have had in their entire lives— luxury train travel is something which they have not really been able to experience. The aforementioned news definitely opens up avenues in that case.

Here are a few facts about luxury train travel in India that you need to acquaint yourself with.

The Luxury Trains

To start off with, do let us tell you that most of the countries out there do not even have any kind of luxury vacation to offer — while India actually has five luxury trains:

 Maharaja’s Express Train
 The Royal Rajasthan Train
 Palace on Wheels Train
 The Golden Chariot Train
 Deccan Odyssey Train

The Maharaja’s Express train tops our list – quite simply because of the fact that it has actually gone on to win several accolades for the facilities offered by it. It has actually gone on to bag inernational awards as well.

Deccan Odyssey remains one of those companies that run trains in other parts of the world. You have got the Palace on Wheels which is owned by the government.

Royal Rajasthan – for example- is widely known for the unparalleled comfort is backed by 14 cabins modeled on the royal palaces of yesteryears. You can access multi-cuisine restaurants, bars and spa services on the go!

The Butlers!

Not many are aware of the same, but, it’s actually true that with the luxury trains you end up getting private butler services. And, these butlers- mind you– are not really like your room steward at your hotel or cruise but are distinctly more involved in your life as long as you’re on board. As you feel like royalty on board, your personal butler will ensure that your room is brimming with fresh flowers at every turn!

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