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Places to Go on a Date in Kolkata

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Be it your first date or a fifteenth one, each date is precious and it needs to have the same level of excitement and love that was there on your first date. Everyone wants to make their date a memorable one, a date that they will never forget and cherish for the rest of their life. But the problem is most of the couples are fed up of visiting a mall or a café or some restaurants for a candle light dinner.. Have a look at some of the most top rated places in Kolkata for dating.

Eco Park:

It is beautiful large park spread over a wide landscape area of lush green grass and offers a picturesque view to all its visitors. You can take your partner to Eco Park and have some quality time. Sit near the water body and share your feelings, thoughts and whatever you have in mind. Just open up your heart to your partner. That way you will be able to strengthen your relationship even more. The best part about this park is the Café Ekante, located inside the Park. Imagine having lunch together amidst a large water body with charming scenic beauty encompassing the environment on an island away from the crowd. This could turn out to be the best date of your life.


Princep Ghat:

Undoubtedly, the most romantic place for every lover. The magnificent view of river Ganges accompanied by Gothic-Greek architecture style monuments serves as the perfect setup for a romantic date. You can even book a private boat ride there of around 30-60 minutes. Imagine sharing romantic thoughts with your partner in the middle of river Ganges with soul soothing picturesque view all around. Divine feeling, isn’t it?


Rabindra Sarobar:

It is one of the most under rated places in Kolkata. But it should not be so. Make your next date a special one and take your partner to Rabindra Sarobar. It is a lake in south Kolkata which provides a calm environment so that you can share some “us” time over there away from the hustle-bustle of the crowded city.



A romantic date is incomplete without a candle light dinner. After you have strolled down the desired places, make sure to take your partner to a romantic dinner to add up even more to the fascinating experience. Splash is one of the best romantic rooftop restaurants in the city which makes your evening perfect with the right combination of light music, warm lighting and mouth watering food.



This place is ideal if you want to spend some quality time together along with some fun activity. Nalban is mostly famous for boating and most of the couples visit this place to share some good times away from the regular crowded places paddling their way out it in the river.


Kolkata is not only a city of joy but also a city filled with love and no matter where ever you go on a date in Kolkata, the city always makes it a special one.


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