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Plan Holi 2017 in Mathura – Advice to make it the most memorable one

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Plan Holi 2017 in Mathura – Advice to make it the most memorable one

Are you someone who is planning to celebrate Holi 2017 in Mathura and desperately looking for resources on how you can go about making your plan successful? I too happened to go through the same phase when I wished to plan a trip but thankfully I found an online itinerary of every step that I needed to follow. This is why I thought of writing down this post so that it could be helpful for all the others who are planning a trip for Holi. The post is written with intentions to help both Indian and international tourists.

Holi is undoubtedly one of the biggest Indian festivals of color and fun. Apart from the fun, there are also prayers offered to God but the festivities keep continuing on the streets as colorful street festival. Although there’s just 1 single day dedicated to Holi, yet the festivities seem to start in the middle of January during the time of Makar Sankranti and continue till the day of Holi. Read on to know how you can celebrate this festival in Mathura.

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Holi procession in Mathura

12th March, 2017

Once the Holi festivities in Vrindavan are done by 2pm, people usually head out towards Mathura in order to participate in the Holi procession. It starts at Vishram Ghat and move over a little after the Holi Gate. There are around 10 vehicles decorated with flowers and few kids dress up as Radha Krishna and participate in the procession. People play Holi with each other and anyone who is trying to avoid playing will have to give in a futile attempt.

Evening Holika Dahan

At the evening is the time for Holika dahan or the procedure of burning the effigy of Holika. The biggest effigy is burnt at the Holi Gate and there are different cultural programs too.

How to go to Mathura?

If you’re in Vrindavan, you can just take an auto-rickshaw from there and it doesn’t make sense to come from Delhi or some other big town just to attend this event.

What are the dates?

2016- 13th March

2017- 12th March

2018- 1st March

Holi Festivities on 13th March, 2017

Image Source : https://www.makemytrip.com/blog/best-places-play-holi

On the auspicious day of Holi, the festivities mainly take place at the Dwarkadheesh temple in Mathura and I recommend you to start your day early at 7 am. You can head towards the Vishram ghat and go through the process of making Bhang by priests and if you wish to, you can also take a glass for yourself. The gates of this temple open around 10 am and there’s always a huge crowd outside the gates. Things usually get too ugly as time passes and hence you should be there on time.

What to eat?

By the time the Holi festival gets over, you get hungry and hence you can buy some food and keep it inside your bag in case you don’t get time to eat out. Otherwise, you can also take some good food at the dhaba which is opposite the Holi Gate.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is planning a memorable Holi in 2017, do visit Mathura and take into account the advice given above.

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