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Ruins in India that Attract Travelers

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India is a land of cultural diversities. From British to Portuguese and from Mughals to Rajputs, it has witnessed a lot of cultures during the last few centuries. Rajputs, Peshwas, and Mughals have spent a lavish life during their ruling period over here and the proof of their lifestyles are still standing as stunning ancient historical monuments in our country. Even the ruins of the architectural marvels created by them are enough to grab your attention.  


The Bhangarh Fort: 

It is one of the abandoned forts of Rajasthan located in the midst of the Aravalis. This fort consists of a number of gates and temples. It was built by Man Singh 1 for his brother in the 17th century.  Today the fort is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country. People have witnessed a lot of paranormal activities and therefore the place is closed after sunset. In spite of the ghostly stories, the place still remains as one of the favorite tourist destination of Rajasthan. 


Nalanda University:

The Largest Buddhist learning center of the world, the Nalanda University is situated in Bihar. It was considered as one of the wonders of the world that was built during the fifth century by the Gupta Dynasty. It served as a learning center of thousands of students from India and abroad during its time. It also had a 9 story library. It was destroyed by a Turk invader in 1200 CE and since then it is in a state of ruins and now is considered as one of the major sites for tourists in Bihar.



This is a world heritage site of Gujarat. It is an archaeological park that consists of a number of temples, complexes, mosques, tombs, palaces, etc. It was founded by Vanraj Chavda during the 18th century. Located in the Champaner city this site extends up to the Pavagadh hill station and it also consists of some famous pilgrims. The magnificent walls of the fort with beautiful carvings and inscription will mesmerize you. Amir Manzil, Champaner Fort, Citadel Of Mahmud Beghada, Hissar I Khas, Khapra Zaveri Palace, Sikandar Shah S Tomb, Virasat Van, Vada Talav, Khuniya Mahadev are the main attraction of this place.


Martand Sun Temple:

The Martand Sun Temple of Jammu and Kashmir is located on top of a plateau called Anantnag. It is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Surya and was built by the King of Karkota during the 8th century. This temple was later destroyed by Sikandar Bhutshikan during the 15th Century and since then it is in a state of ruins. The temple gives you a beautiful view of the Kashmir Valley and the left out structures of this temple has an architecture of Kashmiri, Gandharan, Gupta, Roman and Chinese style which is strong enough to sweep you off your feet.


Vittala Temple Complex:  

This historical marvel is located in Hampi, Karnataka. It is considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple town of Hampi was once considered as the most powerful urban area of South India and was one of the largest and richest cities of the world and was located in Vijayanagara (the City of Victory), the capital of  Vijayanagara Empire during the 13th century. The most attracting feature of this temple is the musical pillars that support the roof of the temple. There are 7 minor pillars and one main pillar and all of them represent a musical instrument and they produce different musical tones when they are hit with a stick.They are also known as SaReGaMa pillars.


So these are some ruins of India that are a must visit for you if you want to have a look in the historical life of the country.

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