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Russia Welcomes You with the Tastiest Cuisine Ever!

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“Moscow”, cried the couple. Just like crazy foodies and travel enthusiasts, this couple also made a plan to visit some faraway place to celebrate their holidays. Tasting new cuisines, indulging in cooking Russian idiosyncratic foods is what they had ever wanted. Russia, which is the world’s biggest nation, can definitely be called out as a biggie in terms of its culture, cuisine, and what not. A saving must be allotted for visiting this place once in our life. Just like these foodies, the world is rising up the percentage of well cooked food too. Why not just check out the top rated, renowned dishes that Russia offers.


Lounging in a -30°C in Moscow will be deficient if this cabbage and beet red soup do not accompany you. Tinged with the famous Smetana, sometimes with meat, and potato and herbs always, with the delicious garlic bread or rye bread – this soup is mouth-watering. Normally served as a starter, this soup will make you crave for more. Forgot to add the cheesy toppings above it.


Russian Pancakes:

Not at all the usual pancakes but a Blini are contributed with buckwheat fillings for savoury fillings, or white flour for the sweet tooth factor. Embellished with smoked salmon, sour cream, creamy mushrooms, to name a few – the posh ones are compiled of red salmon or sturgeon caviars. The cottage cheese versions are called syrniki, which are upgraded and condensed form of the ricotta-pancakes which are stapled breakfasts.


Russian Salad:

Though many of us have tried this in our individual home countries that is more of a salad flooded with mayonnaise whereas the authentic Russian ones are that of crunchy because of the mingling of cucumbers and pickles, though the base consisting of diced potatoes, peas, eggs is ever-present.


Russian Dumplings:

Momo alert! Yes, Russia is a place where you’ll get hold of dumplings namely Pelmeni, compiled of appetizing herbs along with fragments of lamb, pork, or beef and the slender dough is to die for. Preferences have it that you may eat it boiled or in a broth – Choice is yours!



Basically, you’re from India and missing North-Indian Kebabs. Russia is a hub for everything as we told, yes, they do have roasted meats/lam/pork to go crazy for. Russian pickles, spicy tomato sauce do the marinating part over the chunkier mains. Already hungry?


Smoked Salmon/Salted herring:

Something is fishy! Yes, the salmons and herrings are fishy. Even way tastier because Russia is the core of fishes and saltwater creatures, and not consuming fish is literally next to prosecution. Just kidding! Served with either pancake in case of smoked salmon or herrings with salad, a classic name of it is “herring under a fur coat” or Shuba which offers grated vegetables like beet, onions topped with mayonnaise.  



Ever tasted something that is sour but tastes heavenly? Stroganoff is the one. Cooked with the famous sour cream of Russia, accompanied with mushroom which is another gem found in pied in Russia. This creamy and made with hunting or gaming meats, you will want to try it more than once.



Thin layers of 5-15 placed in a vertical manner, in a much-elaborated style, medovik is a slim cake. This cake’s uniqueness is because of the scattered crushed sponge or nuts and left to be imbibed overnight and then the morning will be full of glee.


So now we have reached the saturation point, and your stomach is craving for food. Why not go out save some money and book the next tickets to Moscow? Good food is calling you!

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