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Shadows Lurking In The Dark

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Do you remember those scary stories that used to make you fall to sleep in your childhood days? And while listening to them, your thoughts would often revolve around those large palaces of some far away land and some dreadful scenes of your own imaginative skills. But the stories eventually lost their spark as you have grown up. But what if some sparks are regenerated once more within you? So let us venture out into some of the horrendous lands of ghost in India which are sure to give you some spine-chilling experiences. And remember, this time it is no more a story, but some real incidents!



  • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan: The presence of old majestic forts and charming palaces make Rajasthan one of the most desired destinations of the country. These huge palaces are famous not only for those magnificent architectural works but also designated as some of the spookiest spots in the country. The Bhangarh Fort is one such spot in this royal state that will surely present you a spine-chilling experience. Located in the Alwar district, this old fort has been a constant centre of attraction for being the “Most Haunted Place in India”, since the 17th Legends believe that the fort is haunted as all the fort residents who died in the war between Bhangarh and its neighbouring state remain active in the form of spirits, a curse that was ushered on the fort by a wizard. Many uncanny experiences have also taken place since that time. People have evidenced paranormal activities inside the fort. It is said that one can even feel the presence of an invisible entity inside the rooms of the fort. The entire terrain gets encompassed by an obscure darkness once the sunlight subsides. The folklores along with its authentic history, together add a negative aura to this stupendous fort. But you can easily go around the fort before sunset and chill yourself amidst the eerie silence.The Palace - Bhangarh Fort


  • Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad: Situated in Hyathnagar of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Ramoji Film City is the second largest film city after the Prayag Film City of Kolkata. Built on the war grounds of Nizam Sultans in 1996 by producer Ramoji Rao, this vast film city is a popular tourist spot where both natural and artificial attractions get captivated. But did you know this popular film city is considered as a place where people have attested unnatural happenings? Sources say, incidents like falling of lights from the top, leftovers of food getting scattered and boys holding lights being pushed down, have continued to take place. Can you imagine yourself alone at night inside this vintage film city? Scary enough, right!RFC_029



  • South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata: Constructed in the year 1767, this is one of the oldest non-Christian cemeteries outside America and Europe. At present, this is no longer in use. The cemetery holds the graves of some great men like he famous teacher and poet, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio; founder of Asiatic Society, William Jones and others. One can feel the true essence of serenity over here. But this old cemetery that is a nice chilling place in the day-time is also infamous for paranormal activities taking place as darkness subsumes. Even at daytime you might feel detached from the outside world at some of the corners. It is said that people have been spooked later too. Well, no one knows the truth!South Park Street Cemetery - Calcutta


  • Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi: This is one of the oldest baolis of Delhi. Maharaja Agrasen of Haryana had built this baoli in the 14th Finely designed, this monument consists of about 103-108 steep steps. But there is definitely something more apart from its history and architecture that makes the baoli unique. The stories revolve around the well that is there inside. Although the well has dried long before, the folklores generally say that the well was filled with black water that used to tempt the people for their own sacrifice. As one moves towards the interior of this mammoth monument, the sound gradually vanishes except the echo of the footsteps. Screeching of the bats makes one feel more uncomfortable. Located in the heart of the capital, this monument makes one mark the contrast between the outside noisy city and the inside solace. If you are here, you are sure to experience something uncanny.Agrasen Ki Baoli - (downward view)



So, ready for some hair-raising encounters? Well, if you are among one of those who gets titillated by the other-worldly activities, then these places are a must-visit for you.


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