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Some interesting reasons to travel to Purulia – A must visit to Ayodha Hills

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There can indeed be multiple reasons to visit Purulia. Firstly, this is the place where the Chhau dance originated traditionally and since then Purulia and Chhau have been used as synonyms. If you’re someone who not only loves Nature but also loves to click every single beauty of Nature, you should certainly visit Mahadev Lal Barai or Santosh Rajgarhia. Once you check out this place, you will know how beautiful this district is after seeing its photographs. You’ll fall in love with the folk art that you see in Purulia and hence all these make this a perfect weekend destination for you.

There are lot of threats of Maoists associated with Purulia but most of this doesn’t exist. There are many trains which take you from Kolkata to Purulia but you should choose the one where you can sleep throughout the night in peace. Once you reach Purulia in the early morning, the car that you book will take you through crossing fields where you can see buffaloes bathing and the age-old trees looking at you.

The hills are small in Purulia – The Ayodhya hills are worth mentioning

The hills that you will find in Purulia are pretty small but Ayodhya hills are worth mentioning. When you move across the Ayodhya hills, you will find some incredible landscape and with the chilly wind and the serene atmosphere, it’s nothing less than heaven. Bagmundi, yet another surrounding place, encompassed with rocky cliffs is situated to the west of Ayodhya Hills and this place also attracts a number of rock-climbers.

Image Source : http://purulia.gov.in

The narrow lane that you find from Sirkabad to Ayodhya is perhaps the best place for jungle trekking. This is a 13 km journey which has to be done through a dense jungle of mostly Palash and Shimul and overall it takes 5-6 hours. But people suggest not to tread through this place alone as it is deserted enough and you won’t find too many people here. Hence you should go there along with a guide.

The festivals of Ayodhya

Festivals are a daily routine in the vibrant Ayodhya and few festivals like ‘laharia baba’ or ‘Gajan fair’ is a huge occasion there. You will also love the competition of Chou dance as they make a highly adorned mask which is the main attraction of this fair. Charida is another village which is 16 km away from Baghmundi and is also famous for Chou dance. Tourists come from Mukutmanipur and Balarampur to visit this place. There is another dam on the Subarnareha river which is located in Balarampur and which is famous for its mystic charm.

Image Source : https://www.quora.com/Purulia-What-are-some-interesting-facts-about-Purulia-West-Bengal-District-its-people-and-culture-that-most-outsiders-dont-know-about

Hotel Mayur, Hotel Shree, Hotel Akash, Hotel Shyam are some of the most common hotels which are available in Purulia for night stay. You can take your children to these places as there are children’s parks and other community centres for entertainment. If you’re henceforth looking for a destination for the coming weekend, escape to Purulia.

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