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Sikkim is a land of marvel and wonder. Such is the beauty of the breathtaking Himalayas that the tourists from all over the world visit this once princely state at least once in their lifetime. This beauty is so attractive that when you visit Sikkim, you will completely lose count of the number of days that you spend in this place. Thus, if you are looking for some adventure and tranquility in the heart of nature, Sikkim is the absolute place that you should chalk out while planning your next vacation to the Himalayas.



Do you occasionally dream of the bright rays of the sun peeping through your windows and waking you up to experience the tranquility that rules over the morning kingdom? If that is a dream of yours, Natham is the perfect place for you to visit. While the bells of the Hindu temple and the gongs of the Buddhist Monastery fill your heart with reverence, the historic Silk Route will capture your mind with inquisitiveness.





The first village lying on the historic Silk Route, Zuluk will win the hearts of all. With the snow-clad mountain slopes and the rivulets flowing down the valley, homestay at Zuluk is a marvel. Plus, the enchanted temple with the deity of the Nag, an age-old place of worship that has heard the prayers of the devastated and recovered them from ill fate, is a must visit. It is said that if you drink the clear water from the rivulets in this region, you will be transported to paradise as the waters come directly from the God Almighty.


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The Indian village near Bhutan, Phadamchen, is a beauty in its own tremendous way. Located amidst the rich flora and fauna of the majestic Himalayas, this rustic and mountainous abode is a jewel in that region. When you have the splendid opportunity of visiting Phadamchen, you will be awestruck at the sight of the lovely orchids and mountain lilies that grow among the green vegetation adding colour to the region. A peaceful homestay at any of the wooden houses will make you feel like those ancient Tibetans who had once migrated to this region of India seeking refuge and had consequently set up their own village here.





Situated in the enchantment of the Himalayas, Rishikhola is a true mirth of the heavens. As the clear and crystalline River Rishi carves out a winding path through this village in the lap of nature, the tourists are immersed in a deep sense of satisfaction. The cascading river gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy the cold waters and to indulge in fishing. This quaint little hill station is perfect for planning a bonfire and dancing round it with music when the sun goes down.



Now that you have developed a basic idea regarding these unique places in Sikkim, you must be feeling very excited to visit these heavenly places. So, pack your bags, gear up with your family and friends and set out on a rocking trip to Sikkim, a resting abode in the Himalayas.


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