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SRINAGAR – Reliving the memories of paradise on Earth

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I have some pleasing memories of the Dal Lake and its placid waters that reflect the sparkling rays of the morning Sun. The Chasme Shahi Garden, Shankaracharya Temple and Mughal Gardens made for some great sightseeing options during my visit to Srinagar. Srinagar, often referred to as the paradise on Earth is famous for some quality tourist destinations.

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There are a number of dazzling locations in the world. Srinagar is one of the best holiday destinations that show you through lush green fields and lofty mountains. Founded by the then ruler, King Pravarasen II during 150 AD, the city of wealth has a lot to spend on visitors.

The major tourist attractions here are situated along the banks of river Jhelum. Anchar, Nagin and Dal are among the most picturesque lakes of this beautiful city.

Important tourist places in Srinagar

Dal Lake turns out to be an attractive place that proves to be an inseparable part of your holiday package. The lake makes a treat for your eyes as the Himalayas surround it from all sides. This place is described as “Srinagar’s jewel” as it stretches over 26 sq. km of area. The house boats of this lake are famous all over the world. Alongside canoeing and angling, the lake has gained more popularity for its Shikara boat rides. Srinagar provides a picturesque backdrop for shooting Bollywood movies and the beauty of this place has often been penned by poets.

Awantipura is one of those ancient places, some 29 away from Srinagar. During the 9th century, Awantipura was built by King Avanti Varman. Once here, I came across many temples of Lord Vishnu and Shiva.


The Mughal Gardens is one of the best places of visit in Srinagar. It was built during the Mughal rule in India. Designs and architecture of the Mughal style can be witnessed vividly as you move around the garden. Charbaug and other concepts of paradise based on Koran are prominent all over the garden.

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The garden attracts travelers from around the globe for its magnificent charm. Every year a large number of global tourists visit this place. Chashm-e-shahi, shalimar Gardens and the Nishat Bagh are three notable gardens that were combined to form the Mughal Gardens. During 200 B.C. the Shankaracharya Temple was built by the son of Emperor Ashoka known as Jaluka. This temple deserves mention among all noteworthy sacred sites in Srinagar. It rises to about 1100 feet from the ground. I achieved great peace of mind within this temple as I became a part of its tranquil ambience.

Accommodation in Srinagar

One can find a number of well-furnished hotels in Srinagar and it’s certainly not a tricky task to locate some excellent hotels here. The hospitality of Kashmir can be experienced by all boarders in these Srinagar hotels. You may even check out a few of the budget hotels alongside the excellent ones. New Mamta Hotel, Heemal Hotel and New Green View Hotel are few of the most known ones that fall in the budget category. You may even choose to stay in the Srinagar Houseboats, which are among the most wonderful and sought after options. The vibrant colors of nature in Srinagar are among major attractions that include a comfortable stay for your loved ones.

 Best time to visit Srinanagar

During the winter, heavy snowfall is witnessed by all travelers. This is the best time to visit this place as the entire city finds a real reason for celebration. Be it Gulmarg or any other place, holiday packages find a huge volume of traffic in Srinagar. Comparing the tourism packages was the very first step that I took prior to my visit.

Memories to carry

Every tourist that counts upon the tourism industry in Srinagar will catch some great Kodak moments around this lake. The magic spell of Mother Nature gets captured by most travelers that come here from around the globe.

I had never experienced such a phenomenal beauty of nature amid pleasant weather, chirping of birds and cool morning breeze. I just had a couple of days to check the purity of nature in Srinagar and I still long for more. I’ll cherish and nourish the memories of this tour for good. I am sure you’ll also love visiting this place time and again.



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