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Stunning places you shouldn’t miss on your vacation to Vizag (Visakhapatnam)

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Visakhapatnam or Vizag is perhaps the best known destination for tourism in Andhra Pradesh. From pristine, cool beaches to lakes, from caves and valleys to amazing hill ranges, you name it and Vizag has it all. The district is replete with spots for tourists, which represent the heritage and culture of true India. For anyone visiting Andhra Pradesh, the Araku Valley is a must-visit. Kailasa Giri is packed with beauty and lush green meadows, well-spread parks to fill up your mind with tranquillity and peace. If you wish to see the magnificence of colors in the form of natural cave, Borra Caves is the place to be. In short, it is a city of religious and cultural diversity and you shouldn’t miss to see the constructions built during the age and reign of kings and queens.

So, if you’re planning your next trip to Vizag, check out few places that you shouldn’t at all miss during your visit to the city.

  • Borra Caves: This is touted to be a stunning destination located 92 km away from the main city and is breathtaking being perched 1400 metre above the sea level. These old caves were discovered in 1807 from the Geological Survey of India by William King George. They are the biggest among the caves in India and the spectacular way in which the rocks have formed naturally is something to remember. If you’re an adventure lover, you could try trekking towards Borra Caves. Both the waterfalls and the ricks will make you get a feeling of the ancient element.
  • Source Image : http://www.arakuvalleytourism.in
    Source Image : http://www.arakuvalleytourism.in
  • Araku valley: Even further away from Vizag is located the Araku valley, yet another favorite destination for tourists. Remember that your tour won’t be complete unless you take the trouble of moving through a few extra kilometres to visit the Borra Caves and Araku Valley. The latter is a hill station blessed with abundance of Mother Nature. It is picturesque with streams, lush green gardens and waterfalls. Nature has been kind enough to offer them the best. The valley is extremely serene and it can be challenging enough for purposes of trekking.
  • Rishikonda Beach: Rishikonda beach is a place which is often visited by tourists as it is said to be one of the best beaches in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated 8 km away from Vizag and if you’re a lover of water sports, you can try wind surfing, swimming and skiing which are available there. At the same time if you want a quiet evening, this can also be the place to be.
  • Indira Gandhi Zoological Park: This is one of the most popular zoological parks which are spread over an area of 625 acres of land. The location of this zoo is indeed praiseworthy as you find mountains in all sides of the zoo and Bay of Bengal lying to the east. The zoo appears more like a home to all kinds of wildlife which was established in 1977. The zoo is a house to a wide range of animals which may include Himalayan black bear, panthers, lions, tigers, sloth bear, pythons, elephants and many more.
  • Source Image : http://alldunia.com
    Source Image : http://alldunia.com
  • Kailasagiri Hill Park: This too is a popular hill station surrounded by small hills and beaches. It is located at 360 feet above sea level. Ropeway trolleys, road trains for children, play parks are few leading attractions out here. The view offers glorious hills and beaches. You’ll completely feel at peace when you reach this hill park.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about some possible reasons to visit Vizag, take into account the above mentioned ones. It is indeed a beautiful city which is rich in natural wonders.


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