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Sundarbans – A Holiday Adventure in the Biggest Mangrove Forest

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Witnessing an adventure had been there in my mind, till I joined three of my fellow researchers for a small weekend trip to Sundarbans. Initially we had planned to spend our holidays in Tribeni, but our plan changed as our travel guide managed to book a holiday package of 2 nights and 3 days in Sundarbans.

Sudarbans are the largest mangrove forests in the world. The entire region yields considerable ground for unusual adventure, man-eater tigers and swamp grounds allowing the river tides to create riddles. Bangladesh and India are two populated nations surrounding the Sundarbans from three directions. At the same time, the remote forest areas are still uninhabited and inhospitable. The serenity of this place owes much to its swampy darkness that provides a worthy backdrop for its river channels and wild terrain.

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The combination of a national park, Tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuaries make this place all the more beautiful as you witness the unspoiled beauty of nature over the biggest deltaic island. Nearness of the three rivers Meghna, Brahmaputra and Ganges turned the deltaic islands into a perfect venue for our short vacation. My friend Raj has been taking snaps throughout our journey.

The best time to reach Sundarbans

For those of you who are yet to explore the beauty of Sundarbans, I’d advise you to visit the place during the cool winter months between October and February. The temperature of the place is around 15 to 25 degrees Celsius at this time of the year. We didn’t choose to visit this place during the summer months as our research revealed considerable flooding after the summer rains. However, only the month of April is suitable for your honey-harvest trips.

Things that seemed noteworthy

Apart from the natural beauty of Sundarbans, the place has some must watch projects for visitors. These projects include its Crocodile projects and much known Tiger projects. We all had our stay booked in a launch, but you can even book country boats for moving to and fro. Besides the sharks and snakes, you’ll need to keep your children out of the reach of crocodiles.

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The Pakhiralaya (bird sanctuary) and a museum are amongst the major attractions within the Sajnekhali tiger reserve forest. We even had a great time around the Watch tower and the Olive ridley Turtle hatchery. Sajnekhali also has a tiger project in its vicinity. The estuary of the Tulibhasani and Matla rivers will bring you up to the Kalas Island, which is also a place of serene beauty.

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The other rivers that form a part of the network include Gosaba, Gomati, Bidyamati and Sonakhali.  Sundarbans seems more charming to all visitors due to the presence of these beautiful rivers.

We were lucky to catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger although our launch was at a distance from the shore. The Royal host of Sundarbans has added more importance to a place that has rightly acquired its World Heritage status from UNESCO.  Amid our favorite groves and trees, everything seemed quite natural about this natural abode of reptiles, animals and birds of a wide variety.

Sundarbans makes an ideal tourist spot for travelers that visit this place during the weekend. Both for the elders as well as kids, Sundarbans provide an escapade in the lap of nature.

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