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Talatal Ghar – The Earthly Homes

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“Talatal Ghar” names itself signifies the under earth house or basement houses. It is the underground part of Rangpur palace, a very peaceful place where you can find the History of the Ahom Dynasty. Of all Ahom ruins, it is one of the grandest examples of Tai Ahom architecture. The place would give you a real feel of history and the days when the mighty Ahom-s used to rule these parts. This place used to serve as a leisure place for the Ahom king and a strategic place during wartime. This place is perfect for those who are interested knowing the history of Assam.

The Talatal Ghar was initially built as an army base. Its significance has much to do with the security. It acted as the storehouse of weapons and soldiers. The structure is amazing. Despite the harsh weather conditions of rain, heat and much more environmental impacts, the structure yet stands still. This is a Mughal inspired monument. The uniqueness of this building lies in the material used to construct it. It’s a palace made of brick and a special mixture of sticky rice grain and eggs of hens/ducks was used as cement. It totally was a seven-storeyed structure but with the passing time parts of it has got damaged. The upper four stories are known as Kareng Ghar, while the three underground floors are collectively called Talatal Ghar. Visitors nowadays can only view the ground floor, the first floor, and what remains of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Kareng Ghar. The floors of the Talatal Ghar below ground have been sealed off, and most of the wooden parts of the palace have disappeared over time. It was a place of intrigue and secrets. This place was said to be connected by secret tunnels leading to other states in the kingdom that were meant to help the royals escape to safety in case of a siege. The palace is not like any other palace in India. Though it is in ruins now the area around the palace is well maintained and also the managing team has tried to preserve the palace in a good state. You must visit the small museum situated nearby which has some great collections. You can also visit the Rang Ghar which is also very beautiful.

If you are in Sivasagar, then not visiting Talatal Ghar would be just waste. It needs to be visited if you are a lover of architectural marvels. It’s kind of amazing how people in 1700 AD use to create such structures. The art is lost but the ruins remind us the architecture and forward thinking of the people back days. This is a place for people who want to know India in depth. Now this structure is restored and maintained by archaeological survey of India. when you are these places you just feel the greenery around it and the peace they offer.  It is very peaceful place where you can relish the feel of the pure air and can just relax.

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