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The land of rising waves, mighty elephants and misty mountains – Escape to Sri Lanka!

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Sri Lanka is an incredibly diverse and tropical island perched at the southern tip of India which can offer tourists everything from sandy beaches to lush green hills to ancient Buddhist temples, splashing waves, and tea plantations. During the 20 year civil war, the tourism industry of Sri Lanka suffered a major setback but now they’re again back with a bang. The devastation caused due to the tsunami in 2004 also spoiled their tourism industry. Currently, the slew of luxury hotels that are opening up in Sri Lanka are putting this country back on its feet.

With many diverse scenes bottled up into this small island, a tourist can admire the green carpeted mountains at the dusk, ride in the waves in the dawn and do anything they like. The plethora of travel destinations in Sri Lanka offer an array of holiday experience from a marathon of wildlife watching, sun-kissed beach holiday and adventure sports which can give a rush to your adrenaline. Read on to know about some of the best reasons to visit Sri Lanka for your next vacation.

The blissful climate is perfect for dwellers and travelers

Sri Lanka is an island which is blessed with blissful tropical climate as it provides us with winter sun to the dwellers of the Northern Hemisphere. Since the destinations are varied, you can opt for sunbathing in the southern beach or the cool breezes of the Hill Country. However, in order to reap the glory of all sorts of climates in a single trip, you have to plan the trip carefully. December to March is the dry season and hence you should try to visit Sri Lanka during this season.

The long spans of tea trails are ideal for the tea-lovers

Lovers of a good and nice smelling cup of tea will probably be in their elements in Sri Lanka. The cool Hill Country is entirely covered with tea plantations and you may choose to stay with Ceylon Tea Trails which has 4 luxury bungalows connected through walking trails through some picturesque tea gardens. The Ceylon area covers 2000 square kilometres and generates 300 million kg of Ceylon Tea in a year. So, make sure you travel to this destination in case you’re a tea lover.

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The pristine sandy beaches of the West are buzzing right now

The beaches in the west and the south are buzzing currently on such a teardrop-shaped island. This is known as the Sri Lankan Riviera as the beaches are blessed with a royal tan color and are also surrounded with palm trees, lowland tea plantations and rice paddies. The beaches in the south around the colonial town of Galle are extremely paradisical but in case you’re after something which is a bit wilder, you should head west.

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The slew of luxury hotels are worth staying at

There have been a slew of exciting luxury hotels which open in Sri Lanka and they are assisting the small island country to boost its popularity as a tourist hotspot. The Tri (trilanka.com) is the place’s first ever sustainable luxury hotel which is designed with 11 unique suites flanked by the serene Lake Koggala. There’s another luxury hotel called Cape Weligama which was built and opened in 2014 and you can even put this on your hitlist.

Therefore, if you’re planning to go off to your vacation, opt for Sri Lanka. You can reap the benefits of being a witness to mountains, beaches and awesome wildlife. Check out the various luxury hotels which are being built here in order to attract more and more tourists.

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