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The Scenic Sundarbans

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India is proud of its national animal, that is, the Royal Bengal Tiger because of its stance and glory. However, with mankind destroying the natural flora and fauna due to the continuous slow poisoning, many of the Royal Bengal Tigers have lost their lives and made this species a grave part of the endangered species. Thus, compelled to protect their natural habitat, the Sundarbans has been considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a major tourist attraction at present.

If you are really lucky, you might spot the king of the jungle in that region while you take a jungle safari on a steamer through the connected waterways. In case you don’t, you should never feel low because the animals such as crocodiles, deer, honeybee, and others would love to say “Hello!” to you while you hold yourself as far away from them as possible!

Apart from enjoying a gala night dancing around the bonfire on the lawn of your resort, the best thing that would capture your heart is the survival of the Sundari trees and the dense mangrove forests that form the guardian angel against the raging waves.

Thus, your trip to the Sundarbans would be one of the most remarkable trips ever.

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