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The ultimate recipe for a kickass Chadar Trek experience next January

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As we’re about to bid goodbye to 2016, wouldn’t you love to welcome 2017 with a kickass trekking experience? One of the most sensational and invigorating winter treks that you can go for across this Blue Planet is the Chadar Trek, an eye-popping crusade over the frozen Zanskar River. This particular trail offers a sterling opportunity to explore the age-old culture of Zanskar which is a perfect amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan cultures. But hey, before you start planning for this memorable trek experience; let’s take a look at an in-depth exploration of the Chadar Trek.

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A word of caution for the trekkers

During winter, the Zanskar River is totally frozen and apparently it looks like a sheet of ice (chadar) and from this, the trek gets its name as the Chadar Trek which is also known as the Frozen River Trek. This trek is deemed to be one of the most nerve-wracking treks in India. You have to cover around 105 kilometres on foot and the mercury count is -15 to -20 degrees during daytime and the temperature drops to even -25 degrees at night. Majority of the trek needs to be completed by walking and trekkers have to hike over frozen ice boulders throughout their journey.

Some difficulties you may confront yourself with

The foremost difficulty of the Chadar trek is getting acclimatised with the discordant climate conditions at an altitude of 13,000 feet above the level of sea. The long and laborious journey may cause you to exhaust and hence you require high level of expertise and endurance. While you’re embarking on the Chadar Trek, proper ability and stamina is a prerequisite.

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Dos of Chadar Trek

  • Ensure informing someone among your family and friends about the itinerary that you’ve planned. At least 1 person should know your schedule so that in case of a mishap, they may assist you or come of help.
  • There is a sharp drop in temperature in this region and hence it is recommended that you keep warm clothes and warm shoes at hand. Make sure your shoes are waterproof as well.
  • Bring along medicines and a first aid kit as this trek is extremely challenging. Getting injured is pretty common in this area.
  • The entire area which is covered in Chadar Trek is snowy and untouched and hence availability of water and food is rare. Store enough water and energy foods which can help you pull through tough times.

Don’ts of Chadar Trek

  • The trail of Chadar Trek is popular for its mystifying ambience and its artistry and elegance distributed throughout the region. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the trekker to maintain the composure and placidity of the surroundings. You shouldn’t loiter anywhere and spoil the ostentatiousness of the place.
  • Don’t contaminate the crystal clear waterfalls by using soaps and shampoos. The local inhabitants use this water for drinking.
  • Don’t point fingers at the monasteries as this may hurt their religious sentiments.

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