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The Unspoken Secrets of Malana- World’s Best Hashish Found Here

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The tradition, the heritage, the culture are few facets what India is known for. And Malana has kept it intact. If you are in search of an un-commercialized tourist spot, then do visit Malana for once. This isolated village is a side valley of Parvati Valley, situated in Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning for a trek to Tosh Valley, then your vacation can have Malana as a spot to discover. But before you enter this remote village you need to know these Unspoken secrets about the village.

Meet the stoners smoking best Hashish in the world

Image Source: Tripoto

Yes, you are going to get the best Cannabis plant here which provides you with one of the best Hashish in the World. Twice the Malana has won the Best Hashish title at High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994 and 1996 too. Also, Malana is known for its ‘Malana Cream’- a strain of Cannabis hashish. In Amsterdam menu, Malana Cream is served as one of the most expensive Hashish. People of this village after the sunset, do drink Whiskey and smoke Hashish until the wee hours. This is considered one of their best combinations to have.

Descendants of Alexander the Great!

Image Source: thelandofwanderlust

People of Malana consider themselves as a descendants of Alexander the Great. It is said that their local judiciary system still reflects their Greek system.

They say ‘NO’ to Videography

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The villagers of Malana will pose for a click but will not allow you to shoot any video over there.

People here don’t support the facts or the truth, they believe in the death of Lambs

Image Source: Daily Mirror

Their local judiciary system here supports the death of the lamb would do justice to resolve their any kind of conflicts. Both the parties cut the foreleg of a lamb deeply and poison it. And whosoever lamb dies first is proven to be guilty or lose the case.  

Do not touch their belongings

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Yes, you have to maintain a distance from them and their belongings. They are quiet friendly but when you visit a store they will ask you to keep the money on the table and would also place the goods on it. Any physical contact will make them rush to take a bath.

Malana’s Fagli and Shaun

Image Source: HotFriday Talks

You can celebrate these two festivals over there. The Fagli festival is celebrated in mid of February and the Shaun is celebrated in mid of August. In Fagli, the villagers wear cannabis leaves, a mask like demons and spread cow dungs while dancing around the houses which brings a protection from the cold.

Adding to the above, there are some taboos of the village too-

  1. 1. You can not burn the woods.
  2. 2. Outside the forest you can not carry any wet twigs or branches, it should be dry.
  3. 3. You can’t fix nails on the tree as it could damage it.
  4. 4. If any time accused wants to seek the help of police s/he has to pay a fine of Rs.1000 to the local council.

However, if you want to stay at Village Malana; that is actually not allowed. You can not stay with the villagers but yes there are nearby lodges and camps where you can spend your vacation.

So, this is all you need to know before you visit this small remote village called ‘Malana’.

Have a great experience!

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