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Things That You Can Not Miss In Meghalaya

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Explore the abundance beauty of nature, the artistic and elegant landscapes, the thrilling caves and more at- Meghalaya, known as the ‘abode of the clouds used to be the part of Assam once. Meghalaya can be the destination for all the monsoon lovers, as its known the wettest land on earth. Here, most of the people predominantly earn their living from cultivation. Majority of population is of tribal groups – Khasis, Garos and Pnars. Following the article you will get to know what are the things you can not miss in Meghalaya to explore the abode of clouds at its best :

1. Explore The Caves

Meghalaya caves
Source: Arkaya Holidays

There are plenty of natural attractions present in Meghalaya. The thrill which you are going to experience with the shadowy and gloomy caves is going to give you an indelible experience. In entire Indian subcontinent, Krem Dam is the biggest sandstone cave, you will ever come across. Other frequently visited cave is Mawsmai near Cherrapunji. For expeditions you can choose from-  Liat Prah- longest cave in India,Mawmluh, Mawsynram.

2. Rejoice In Festivals

Wangala festival
Source: India.com

There are two main festivals celebrated in Meghalaya; one is, Wangala festival and another is Bob Dylan festival. Wangala festival attracts a lot of tourist every year. This festival is known as the harvest festival of Meghalaya. Wangala festival is held once in a year, where they worship the richness of Saljong- the Sun God and marks the end of their tough period and beginning of winter. In this 100 drums festival,you will get to see the tribal people dancing on the drum beats wearing the colorful feathered head gears. And Bob Dylan festival is held at Shillong’s Central Library Auditorium in month of May every year. This festival is celebrated to mark a respect for for the contributions of Bob Dylan. This is a musical festival where people make merry and dance.

3. Laitlum Canyon

Laitlum Canyon
Source: Holidify

Taking a trip to Laitlum Canyon is like going deep into the heart of Meghalaya’s natural wonders.Laitlum means ’end of hills’ and it actually carries the meaning of it. If you reach there you will feel like,you have reached the end of this world. Sited in the East of Khasi hills of Shillong. Laitlum Canyons rocky trail can be called as trekkers paradise. Don’t miss it !

4. Elephant Falls

Elephant falls Shillong
Source: TripAdvisor

Elephant falls is a must visit place, if you actually want to enjoy the natural wonders of Meghalaya. This is 12 kms away from the Shillong. There was a presence of an Elephant shaped rock on one side of fall, which was washed away due to earthquake; but still you can enjoy its beauty. This is a three layer popular fall of North-east, which is accessible from different standpoints.

5. Bara Bazaar

Shillong shopping market bara bazzar
Source: Shillong

Bara Bazaar also known as Iewduh Market is known for its cultural things. If you want to explore more about the tradition of Shillong then don’t miss the shopping at Bara Bazaar. This is actually a crowded place but if you visit it in early hours then you can be saved. Here, you can enjoy some very tasty street food of Shillong. All the local khasi women sell their freshly produce livestock.

So, these are few things which should be in your to-do list of Meghalaya. Happy travelling!

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