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Tibet – The Lost Empire

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Tibet, the name brings an instant view of beautiful snow-capped mountains and superb natural beauty market by the signature sophistication of the land. In spite of being in a state of political sensitivity, it attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the world who come to cherish the breath taking views at the ‘Roof of the World’. If you think the scenic beauty is the only source of attraction here, you are wrong. The colorful prayer flags, beautiful monasteries and religious spots filled with red cheeked monks will fill your mind with spiritual bliss and make you fall in love with the place. The rich culture and heritage will make any visit to Tibet a trip of a lifetime filled with unforgettable memories you will cherish throughout your life.

Here are some of the spots you can never afford to miss on your next visit to Tibet:

  • Potala Palace, Lhasa – Referred to as the highest constructed palace from the sea level, it is a major tourist attraction. It used to be the Tibetan Prestige house since it was constructed in 1645 to 1959 and also the dwelling place of Dalai Lama but is just a museum filled with rich cultural, architectural and artistic wonders now. You will cherish the breathtaking view.


  • The Kailash Mountain – The Kailash Mountain or Mount Kailash is a center of religious importance as every year many devotees of different faith visit it. Filled with jaw dropping views and mesmerizing natural beauty, it requires top health conditions to survive in the high altitude and freezing temperatures.


  • Lake Manasarovar – Lying 20km south east of Mount Kailash, it is among the highest fresh water lakes and is a sacred place for four different religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon. It covers an area of almost 412 sq. km. and is known as ‘The Invincible Lake’ in the local language. The water of the lake is pure and you can easily see through several meters into the lake. One can’t afford to miss the awe inspiring views and the serene bliss.


  • Samye Monastery – A visit to Tibet is never complete without the spiritual bliss of the monasteries. Believed to be found in the 8th century, the Samye Monastery is the first monastery and also the first university in Tibet. It was once the largest monastery and is a great place for residence in Tibet. It has a great historical significance that attracts millions of visitors from across the world.


  • Namtso Lake – You just can’t miss the Namtso Lake if you are nature loving person and especially if you have a passionate photographer in you. It’s Tibet’s largest lake and also holds the position for the highest lake in the world. If you think this the main buzz about the lake, you have no idea about the delighting picturesque landscape around it. Covering an area of about 1920 sq. km., it is a paradise for shutter bugs and has magical beauty. Lined by snow-capped peaks in the back ground, it’s a natural wonder.  

Mount Everest Base Camp – In Tibet visit, one can hardly ignore the gigantic structure in the form of Mount Everest. The base camp is in operation since the British expedition back in 1924. Picturesque landscape with snow-capped peaks in the background covered by lovely layers of cloud makes it an ultimate one for shutter bugs.


This was a brief exposure to the rich natural beauty of Tibet. Now you must be excited to visit the place and cherish its serene beauty with natural wonders. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the cheapest flight to the land of snow or living paradise on earth, whichever you prefer to call.


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