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Top 5 Adventure Sports to Enjoy in India

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India is fast growing into a favored destination for adventure sports. The mountains, beaches, deserts, and forests provide an opportunity for adventure and sports. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, one can find multiple destinations with thrilling adventurous activities. Mentioned below are the top 5 adventure sports in India.


If there is one thing that a human always fancies, that is flying. Paragliding is relatively a new sport in India. It’s a thrilling experience to soar high above the vast landscape beneath. So, if you are ready to conquer the sky, paragliding is the best option. It is the easiest way to fly in the air like a bird. Ladakh, Kamshet, Darjeeling, Solang, Billing and South Anjuna in Goa are some of the most popular destinations for Paragliding.


River Rafting:

It is one of the most popular adventure sports in India. In the last couple of years, it has gained popularity in India. Rafting is a completely different experience as the river flows between high mountain walls, the views are absolutely stunning. It is a fun filled activity; if you are an adventure lover then you must shun the hectic daily schedule once in a while and experience this. Zanskar, Manali, Rishikesh, Coorg, and Brahmaputra are well renowned for River Rafting.



It is considered one of the safest ways to explore the beauty of marine life and explore the thrill of India’s fascinating underwater world. It is usually done with the aid of diving mask, fins and a breathing tube. India is gifted with beautiful islands and does offer great opportunities to experience snorkeling. Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Lakshadweep are the popular snorkeling destinations in India.


Sky diving:

This sport is a good means to defy gravity and have that enthralling experience of free falling that will push your adrenaline to the top!  Fly like a bird in the sky amid the winds and enjoy a freefall from 4000 feet above, gazing the breathtaking landscaped beauty beneath. The sky diving camps provide professional training for 2-3days.The overload on your senses that you experience is indescribable. Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, Mysore in Karnataka, Deesa in Gujarat and Aamby Valley in Maharashtra are places where you can do skydiving.


Heli-Skiing :

This exhilarating winter sport is the best way to get acquainted with the snowy mountains of Himalayas. It’s truly an amazing feeling to get a sight of the sun reflecting the impeccable white slopes from the top of the mountain. You’ll feel being on top of the world as you come whizzing down through the snow on your skies and the cold wind nipping at your face. It is one of the recreational activities popular with adventure lovers. Gulmarg in Kashmir and Manali in Himachal Pradesh are the hotspots for skiing and heli-skiing.  

Adventure gateways are the latest in terms of spending holidays. If you want to try something adventurous these are the sports which will bring you immense satisfaction. So ditch the monotony of daily life and try something new.

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