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Top 5 Dangerous Destinations in India

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Are you jaded of the regular toil of your everyday life and are looking for an adrenaline – fueled break? Are you an adventure seeker who would dare to endure the risk to see the most dangerous destinations in the country?  If you are this person, then you must surely visit the places mentioned below to get an unforgettable thrilling experience in your life.

Dras: The second coldest habitable in the world, Dras is located in Kargil region of Jammu and Kashmir and is also called ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’. Apart from being the coldest region in India, this place is always considered as a dangerous spot for tourists as it is a highly militant area that undergoes constant military incursions and crossfire of bullets.

Tiger Hill, Dras Valley


Thar Desert: The beauty of this eternal sandscape may be stunning beyond words but this dry and arid region hides a lot of dangerous bites underneath the world of golden sand. Along with the dry climate which makes difficult for travelers to visit this place, it shelters the most dangerous species of the world. The Presence of rat snake, black cobra, wild cats, Sand Boa, Saw Scaled Viper and other countless creatures will bite you off your head here.

Sunset at Thar Desert.


Bhangarh Fort:  Located in the Aravalis Ranges of Rajasthan, although this fort mesmerizes its visitors with its amazing architectural beauty, it buries a lot of mystery beneath its overwhelming beauty. It’s advisable not to be visited by a faint hearted person. Many people have said to have experienced a number of paranormal activities. The government prohibits visiting this place after sunset due to numerous cases of abduction and death of thrill seekers. If you intend to unravel the mystery of violent spirits then you can surely try visiting this place at your own risk.

The famous Bhangar Fort. It is claimed that this is the Asia's one of the most haunted place and just because of this reason we planned to visit this fort. We took 3 hrs bus journey from jaipur to dausa, then again 1hr locl bus journey to " Goli ka bus" .


Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim: Known to be one of the highest lakes in the world, it remains frozen during the winter. It takes a lot of determination and will power to see this place as it is at a height of about 18000 ft. It requires permits to visit here. You will be awestruck by the beauty of this place and the wind blowing at nearly 50 kmph literally will take your breath away. Although the view is captivating but due to lower levels of oxygen, there is a high probability that one may fall seriously ill so it is advisable to explore with caution. Journey to the lake is an arduous one.

Gurudongmar Lake


Kailash Mansarovar Pilgrimage: Have you ever imagined trekking over 18000 feet? If not then you may consider. To get a view of Mount Kailash with all its serene beauty, climbing steep mountains of 18000 feet is a must. The altitude and the cold climate of this place make it a dangerous tourists spot. Altitude sickness, nausea, and blurred vision are the main problems you will face while visiting this place.

So take off to discover the mysteries and experience the thrilling ambiance of these fascinating places.


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