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Top 5 Iconic Street Foods of Mumbai

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Mumbai, the vivacious capital of the state of Maharashtra in India is also known as the “city of Dreams”. Mumbai is an amazing tourist destination with its fascinating beaches namely Zuhu beach, dazzling Marine drive, colorful food lanes, buzzing Chopatty beach, exciting nightclubs, vibrant bars, night pubs, and discotheques.

From shopping to sightseeing, Mumbai offers splendid glimpses of the rich cosmopolitan culture of the city. This amalgamation of diverse cultures is clearly reflected in the medley of food which is available in high-end restaurants, cafeterias as well as with the local street food vendors. In fact, for ardent food lovers, Mumbai offers a vast gamut of gastronomical delights in Continental, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and American cuisine crafted with original spices and flavored herbs. Cafes, tea stalls, roadside vendors also offer delectable and hygienic street food. Every nook and corner of Mumbai is renowned for a variety of excellent and inviting cuisines.

There is something very exciting and alluring about the appetizing and mouth-watering food available in Mumbai. Ranging from yummy street food to amazing Konkani seafood to delectable native vegetarian Maharashtrian food, every cuisine has a distinct flavor which does not match with any other region of India. For a food enthusiast, Mumbai offers an array of appealing and delicious dishes to savor and feast on.

There are numerous food festivals held in Mumbai, where you get a chance to taste enticing dishes. You can enjoy scrumptious food in the elite restaurants or just pamper your taste buds having quick bites or street food in Mumbai including Frankie, Batata vada, Sevpuri, Dahipuri, Bhel Puri, Panipuri, Kheema Pav, Vada pav, Kebabs, pav bhaji and more. Apart from this, streets of Mumbai are also famous for, omelette-pav, Misal Pav and bhuji-pav besides other delectable Chinese food items.

5 mouth-watering street foods of Mumbai

Kheema pav: This is an amazingly delicious Mughlai specialty which is available at extremely low prices, considering the excellent quality of mutton and authentic spices. Replete with flavours and distinct aromas, you must try the endless variety of these available in Mumbai.

Vada pav: Vada Pav, also known as Indian burger, is a sumptuous dish which is one of the most popular and immensely liked, spicy and hot vegetarian fast food dish in Mumbai. Everyone from teenagers to children to elders simply adores this delicacy.

Pani Puri: The lip-smacking and delicious Panipuri tickles your taste buds like no other street food in Mumbai. Also known as Golgappas in Northern India, Pani puri is a popular street snack preferred by zillions of people.

Batata vada: The delicious batata vada is another must have delicious food item available in dream city of Mumbai. This extremely popular fast food item made with potatoes is spicy. It is cooked to perfection with authentic spices and flavours.

Enticing variety of Seafood: Prawns, Crab, Bombay Duck Fry, bombli fish fry is must try seafood available on the streets of Mumbai. Butter garlic crab, bangda, pomfret and pomfret tawa fry are few of seafood delicacies which are simply delectable. People with a taste in seafood should definitely not leave the city without trying out one of these.


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