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Top 5 Things about Uzbekistan that Every Traveller Looks Forward To

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The Republic of Uzbekistan as it is renowned for is a place emitting some exotic aura of the Islamic religion. With landlocked from almost all the sides with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and a bit of the Aral Sea’s shoreline on a part this place can undoubtedly be featured under those few places which do not get hype but is so worth visiting. The enigma of this place is reserved for certain places but the best are the following.

Taste a smidgen of the Silk Road:

We all have gone through more a glimpse of the Silk Road in our history books and the details included adorned citadels, sparkling towers, enticing domes and what not. The routes to the Silk Road includes Uzbekistan as one of the main city, and its glory is still affixed to its lanes and turns. One can easily arrange a whole week’s trip to visit all the snippets of it. In fact, the capital city of Uzbekistan, namely, Tashkent which was formerly ravaged by an earthquake in 1966 was again rebuilt and restructured to its exact form by the Soviet muscles, one can never miss that

Revisiting the 12th century:

To all those times when your mind quenched for going back to the days of history, it just deserved a place like Khiva which is a quintessence of a living museum. Presently under UNESCO’s protection, this place is still inhabited by the Uzbek families and local tourists. One can find themselves deepened in the maze of the mausoleums, gaudy mosques, and madrassas founded in as before as 6th century. In fact, throwing a wedding party in the midst of that gorgeous place will be nothing less than a dream.

Heaven for shoppers:

Uzbekistan is a paradise when it comes to acquisition of authentic silk cloth, handmade ceramics, and miniature paintings. The mosques are bedecked with murals and mosaics, and the engravings are mainly based on Persia. Just a few dollars can make your life fulfilled by bringing home those finest materials of art.

Appetizers will be quite happening:

Heard it right, for most parts of Uzbekistan namely Bukhara, Tashkent have tasted like the Europeans. Which means you can actually grab a beer like UzCarlsberg sit in a lakeside garden and sip. Or a landscaped public park next to any tourist spot, and engage in incessant green teas. Delicacies have it like a lagman, a generous bowl of lamb soup with thick local noodles, and delectable black cumin and chives.

Women are guarded:

Truly, Uzbekistan is a place where women travellers are safe. Equality comparatively prevails here, for women are majorly Muslim here and a slight offence just needs a “No” as a reply for it to stop. Crime reports are also relatively low which states an assurance for all the women travellers out there.


Uzbekistan generally does not get a name while mapping out the favoured places. But now the game has changed and it is quite a happening place.

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