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Top 5 Things to See in Bangladesh

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When people talk of tourist destinations, Bangladesh is not usually one of them. However, Bangladesh is greatly underestimated in terms of a potential tourist spot. Not only is the country rich in natural beauty, but it has several monuments worth taking a look at as well. Here are five tourist spots you should definitely visit while on vacation to that country:

  1. Cox Bazar

It is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Bangladesh. Cox Bazar is town located by the sea and has a 125 km stretch of sandy beach; which is the longest in Bangladesh. Other than that there is a beautiful Buddhist Monastery known as Agenda Khyang where tourists flock to while visiting Chittagong. If you like sea-sides, this one is a good bet and if you wish to experience and soak in Buddhist culture you can also visit Ramu, a Buddhist village which lies very close to the monastery itself.

  1. St. Martin:

St. Martin is a relic of the British Colonization. It is a small, exquisite coral island located close to Chhera Island. It is also the only one of its kind in Bangladesh. Exotic locales, flaming sunsets are some of the main attractions here. Many adventure sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are also available for the amusement of those of an adventurous bent of mind.

  1. Sundarban:

Sundarbans are halophytic mangrove forests predominated by “Sundari” trees. The Sundarbans are a World Heritage Site and under the protection of UNESCO. If you want a bit of a thrill then we would suggest a visit to the Sunderbans. They are home to the Royal Bengal tiger and a plethora of all kinds of flora and fauna. They are the pride of Bangladesh.

  1. Rangamati:

Known as the “Lake City” of Bangladesh it is a place of amazing beauty that truly lives up to the moniker. It has quite a bit of greenery which is soothing to the eye and also has the Kaptai Lake which is a favorite among tourists. Other than that there is the Rangamati town itself and the Hanging bridge which is also popular with tourists.

  1. Dhaka:

What’s a vacation without a trip to the capital? Dhaka is the nerve center of Bangladesh economically or culturally. The city is a very lively day or night and has a large population of its own.  There are several attractions to visit or you could just have a nice hotel vacation. The War Museum, Shahid Minar, Pink Palace, American Church of Holy Resurrection, Lalbagh Fort, Dharmajika Buddhist Monastery, Manyamati Ruins are all hot favorites with the tourists.

Bangladesh may be classed as a developing country but it is still a breathtakingly beautiful country with greenery all around and rivers and seasides of its own. There are several other spots, in fact way too many to put into a single article. Their cuisine too is a culinary adventure on it’s own. So if you’re planning another vacation we would advise taking Bangladesh into consideration.


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