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Top 5 Things to See In Japan

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Japan is probably one of the coolest countries in the world. They have their own unique culture that they are completely absorbed in, their language, their music, and their clothes. The lifestyle of the Japanese people is the main attraction to the country of cherry blossoms.

If you plan on visiting Japan, learning the language at least at the conversational level would be convenient since hardly any regular Japanese people know English. And of course, a visit to Japan requires you to be aware of all the sights and scenery that the country has to offer. While there are many must-visit places, I will mention the top 5 which you should not miss no matter what and they will definitely make your trip to Japan memorable.

1-    The Tokyo Skytree

This television broadcasting tower serves as the landmark of the city of Tokyo. It stands 634 meters tall and is the tallest structure in the country of Japan while being the second tallest in the world at the time of its completion. There are observation decks on the tower which offer a magnificent view of Tokyo city to the tourists.

2-    Tokyo Disney Sea

The theme park which is worth 335 billion yen is located in the city of Tokyo and includes seven themed areas. The entrance has the Mediterranean Harbor which includes naturally themed ports as well such as American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast and Mysterious Island.

It ranks number 5 in the worldwide ranking system.


3-    Kiyomizu-Dera

It’s a Buddhist temple located in Kyoto. The temple is a part of UNESCO world heritage site. The temple consists of the main hall with a large veranda which is supported by pillars and offers beautiful scenery of the city. The temple includes various others shrines as well. It stands as one of the 21 finalists in the 2007 list for the Seven Wonders of the World. The beauty and the calmness of the place are the main attractions and it offers a hint to the traditional Japanese culture.


4-    Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Palace stands as the residential area of Japan’s Imperial family. The palace stands as one of the most wonderful sights worth seeing. It has a fascinating history which speaks of its destruction during World War II and later it was rebuilt in the same manner and style. There is a famous Eyeglass Bridge within the palace grounds which is renowned for its good looks. The inner grounds of the palace are generally not open to the common public. The only two days when they are made available to common masses is on January 2nd for New Year’s Greetings and December 23rd which is the Emperor’s birth date.

The Imperial Palace East Gardens are opened for everyone to visit.   


5-    Roppongi

If you’re going to Japan, don’t just keep yourself restricted to their history and shrines.  The nightlife of Japan is worth seeing and it comes to life in Roppongi. It stands as one of the most happening places in Tokyo and is filled with a bunch of foreigner-friendly bars and clubs. Roppongi is the face of the latest redevelopment projects namely Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown which changed the face of the district. It also contains the National Art Center which stands as the largest art museum in Japan.


In your visit to Japan, make sure to keep these places on the top of your to-do list. The country has many beauties to offer, ranging from its historic traditions to its glamorous lifestyle. All you have to do is sit back and explore the exotic culture of Japan.  

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