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Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Tripura

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Ujjayanta Palace

Tripura, is considered a fantasy land as it is blessed with picturesque landscape, sprawling lush green valleys, architectural grandeur and rich and diverse wildlife that makes it a dream destination for any travel freak soul. Here are the top 5 exquisite spots in Tripura that is worth visiting.


  1. Ujjayanta Palace – Located in the heart of the Agartala city, this two-storeyed royal palace is truly majestic and is a real beauty with its mixed architecture. The artificial lakes along with the beautifully laid out gardens and the musical fountains add to its charm and provide one a relaxing experience. It houses a large museum which will enrich your knowledge by showcasing the history, architecture and cultural aspects of Tripura.Tripura State Museum


  1. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary – This is a well-maintained sanctuary which even if not as big as other sanctuaries but serves as the home to a variety of birds and primates and also quite a number of rare and endangered species like the Spectacled monkey, Clouded Leopard and much more. If visit, then also keep an eye for lions, bears, and pythons. This is basically a heaven for all the wildlife lovers and you will most certainly love to explore this place.  It houses a zoo nestled amidst the lush green woods and the long walk amidst the dense foliage is quite rewarding when one encounters one cage after the other.Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary


  1. Neermahal Palace – Situated in the center of a big lake, this water bound palace is a spectacular monument which during the ancient times used to be the relaxation place of the Tripuri monarchs. The boat ride to the palace is a wonderful experience and is sure to excite the young and the old people equally. Travelers also get to enjoy the view of beautiful migratory birds that come there. Being one of the finest examples of the Hindu and Islamic amalgamated architectural design, this royal palace with its beautiful adjoining gardens and flood lights is a must visit for anyone visiting Tripura. The architectural exquisiteness of the palace will leave you impressed. And if you love photography, then you can click pictures to your heart’s content as the view from the land as well as the palace is absolutely stunning.Floating Clouds


  1. Jampui Hills –Being the highest hill range of the state, this place is known to enthrall its visitors with the exquisite views of luscious green hills and forests. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the calm and serene atmosphere of the place soothes your mind and revitalizes you.Beauty of Jampui Hills,Tripura


  1. Unakoti –This unique place is a splendid attraction where you get to witness the age-old wondrous rock cut carvings and massive stone sculptures that date back to 7th – 9th century. The marvelous artwork is guaranteed to take control of your mind once you have a glance at it. If you happen to be a nature lover or have an interest in mythology, history, and art, then this site of archaeological wonder situated between the mountains and the lush green forests is a must visit during your stay in Tripura.Unakoti 359

So, enjoy a trip to this beautiful state the next time you look out for a peaceful visit to an enchanted kingdom.

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