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Top 5 Tourist Spots in Mizoram

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Mizoram is an immaculate paradise that is nestled in the Himalayan foothills and the plateau of Meghalaya is blessed with the unsurpassable variety of landscape which is rich in flora and fauna. The land is bestowed with exquisite tourists destinations. If you are a travel enthusiast then this place with its steep hills, dense tropical forests, gushing rivers, high sparkling waterfalls and grassy valleys will award you a surreal experience. Here are the top 5 destinations of Mizoram that will dazzle you.

  1. Phawngpui Hills –Phawngpui_9-E-1

    Labeled as the Blue Mountain, Phawngpui is the highest point in Mizoram. This spectacular hill station of Aizawl, surrounded by magnificent cliffs, is rich in various exotic species of beautiful flowering trees like orchids and rhododendrons of several hues. You will also get to enjoy the sight of diverse wildlife species like Mountain Goat, serow, goral, Asiatic black bear and numerous others. The breath in the fresh breeze and the fairytale view of the scarlet skies which you will be able to witness any day at dusk and dawn will make you feel rejuvenated.


  2. Vantawang Waterfalls –Vantawang Waterfall, Mizoram

    Besides being Mizoram’s highest waterfall, it is also one of the fascinating waterfalls of the North East. Surrounded by dense greenery and bamboo groves, this waterfall looks very much like a milky river from distance and tourists flock from all around the country to have a glimpse of this mighty spectacular waterfall and its scenic surroundings. You must certainly not miss this waterfall, especially during the monsoon season when its mesmerizing beauty is at the zenith.  

  1. Reiek Tlang–Reiek Tlang

    If you have the real interest in adventure then this stunning hill top is another destination which needs a special mention. Your trip to Mizoram is incomplete if you fail to visit this picturesque mountain in Aizawl that is surrounded by lush green temperate trees and bushes. If you are a fan of hills with biodiversity and pleasant climate, then this is the place for you. You can also visit the typical Mizo village that is set here where you can get a peek into the glorious past of the gallant Highlanders. There is also a cave that you will come across if you trek through the forest from the village.  

  1. Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary –Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

    The home of many wildlife species like hoolock, barking deer, wild boar, leopard, serow and much more is one of the finest places to visit during your stay in Mizoram. If you are looking to spend a few hours close to nature amidst the diverse flora and fauna, then this place would be an ideal visit to you. Another special attraction of this sanctuary is its majestic altitude of 1300 meter from the sea level.  

  1. Durtlang Hills – clouds creeping in

    Being the highest point of Aizawl, the great Durtland Hills offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire landscape where you can even spend a quiet time with your loved one enjoying the sunset view. Even on days when it is cloudy and raining, you will be able to experience the tranquility and serenity of the place. The trip to Durtlang itself offers a fun and enjoyable walk along the steep climb with a scenic rural environment.  

So, pack your travel kit and get going to Mizoram the next time you can manage to take a break from your busy schedule.

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