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Top Attractions in Ooty

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Famous will be an understatement when it comes to Ooty, quite commonly known to all of us as the ‘Queen-Of-Hills’. 86 km from Coimbatore, and 158 km from Mysore, Ooty is a treasure trove of fascination for nature lovers and also for the ones who aren’t, Ooty is quite responsible to make anyone adore its beauty. Couched by the Nilgiris, sprawling tea gardens, towering mountains are the very phenomenal things that makeup Ooty. With a pleasant weather doing rounds around 20 degrees, this place can be visited almost any time of the year.

If you’re planning to visit Ooty soon but didn’t get the time to plan out the whole trip, congratulations, you’re at the right place because the following will surely give you a needed picture of how to explore Ooty.

  • THE BOTANICAL GARDENS: When today we people are striving hard to let ourselves go free in the midst of some fresh air and bountiful greenery, Ooty’s botanical garden which is considered one among the thousands is presented before us to engulf in that very peace among nature. Yes, that sweet smell of myriads of species of flowers, bees humming, endless contrasting colours of flowers – all at the same place, this is where you’ll actually feel heavenly so don’t miss a chance to visit here.
  • VIEWING FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD: Yes, heard us right, this is what Doddapetta Peak is all about – making you feel at the top of the world from where you can view the whole of Ooty. Want to add some more amazement in your life? Well, get up early before sunrise to view the mighty red ball waking from amongst the clouds and instantly pose and click a nice picture. This place will make your life so don’t even think of not exploring it.
  • NILGIRI MOUNTAIN RAILWAY: The fascination of the steam engines remains in every person till date and therefore the train holds to be quite charming phenomena for the one in it. So is the Nilgiri Mountain Railway which traverses 46 km, takes 5 hours from Mettupalayam to Ooty and promises you to have a feeling of being on a world tour.
  • STONE HOUSE: Sounds archaic and is so, founded by John Sullivan in 1822 and is the much celebrated first bungalow of Ooty. This building shows the intricate works of the previous architects and now it’s the Government Arts College of Ooty.
  • BOATING IN PYKARA: Pykara Lake is one of its kind because of its boating facility which has enamoured many tourists into either boating by themselves or opts for the trendy speed boating where a toilet and a restaurant is also found.
  • TODA HAMLETS: The name only brings out the fascination, the Todas who were the actual inhabitants of Ooty before the East India Company invaded live in these inverted U-shaped huts.


The places of interest in Ooty is innumerable among which the above mentioned are most celebrated. Resorts near Ooty even get mentioned when the place is remembered for its beauty like Kurumba Village Resort, Wild Planet, Fairview Mountain Resorts, Pandora Hill Resorts and many more. Ooty has some famous food spots like ‘Kabab Corner’ where one can indulge in luscious kababs, ‘Kingstar Confectionary’ is where you’ll get a plethora of handmade chocolate biscuits and bakery items solely made in Ooty since 1942. ‘Nahar Restaurant’ calls to be the oldest Soth-Indian cuisine restaurant of Ooty and therefore going there is a mandatory thing.


Ooty has carved out a place of delight in everyone’s mind and so visiting that place must be placed in the to-do-list of every person.

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