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Top Weekend destinations near Kolkata: Get a taste of West Bengal’s diversity

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Kolkatans always keep an eye for weekend getaway destinations away from the madding crowd of the city- a place of mental refreshment accompanied by a change in scenery. Geographically, West Bengal is a gifted state for it has diverse tourist spots to offer travelers- it has its stretching sea beaches in south and beautiful range of hills and mountains in north and scattered around in the middle. It also happens to be filled with historical and architectural wonders. Avid travelers might have already discovered a few destinations perfect for weekend getaways near Kolkata. Given below is a list for those who are yet to discover those locations.


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An ideal weekend getaway location only 130 miles away from Kolkata, Bakkhali awaits tourists with its beautiful secluded beaches and vivid greenery.  A part of the town is named after an English, Sir Andrew Fraser who landed here post a shipwreck and intended to popularize the place. Frasergunj (a part of the town) has remains of the house Fraser lived in. Tourists looking to get a taste of history must visit this place. There is a temple shrouded in trees which is popular for the number of tourists it attracts.


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Shankarpur, alike Bakkhali is another location that has a sea beach to offer. For people who like to spend weekends away from the bustle of crowded traffic, Shankarpur along with Digha, Mandarmani and a few others is a great destination. One can simply spread a mat on the sprawling sands of Shankarpur and enjoy the roaring sea and vivid colors of the setting sun.



Bishnupur, Bankura is a name that needs no introduction for its towering fame. This place has both historical and artistic values in the eye of an avid traveler. A small town situated in the midst of the district, Bankura, Bishnupur is famous for its artworks of terracotta and baluchari sarees that have been sustaining many families. Bishnupur has many temples with beautiful artworks engraved on them. These temples made around in 1600 AC have been successful in attracting a good number of tourists till date.


Even though this location is not as nearby as others in the list but it has its rightful position among the others. Darjeeling is the district very well known among the travelers for its numerous attractions. Firstly, it has several locations from where tourists can enjoy the view of sunrise above the Kanchenjunga range. Moreover, since it is situated right under the Himalayan range, if one wishes to go for trekking this is the place to start from. Darjeeling also has secluded places sitting amidst deep forests like Jorpokhri. Altogether, Darjeeling has a plethora of tastes to offer to the tourists.


In a nutshell, there are many more places near Kolkata to visit during the weekends. But these are the places that contain the most exotic flavors of West Bengal. A visit to these places definitely offers you a glimpse of West Bengal’s versatility as a tourist destination. Most importantly, it is imperative that one realizes that two steps away from a busy, bustling city lies a series of secluded places, waiting to be explored.


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