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Travel abroad on a shoestring budget – Kickass destinations you can visit in 2017

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It goes without saying that traveling not only relaxes your mind but also your souls. Whether it’s within your country or whether it’s abroad, the delight, fun and the joy of a trip remains the same. Most of the travel-addicts have already covered majority of the destinations in India and now they’re waiting to explore the foreign land. It can’t be denied that as long as international travel is concerned, the main factor is estimation of budget as that is the biggest hindrance to international traveling. Majority of us drop our plans to visit the foreign land just because we don’t have sufficient budget.

So, if budget is hindering you from traveling abroad, you need not fret as there are myriad of destinations which can effortlessly fit into our wallet. Can you believe that you can visit a foreign land within 50K? If it sounds unbelievable, check out the list of international travel destinations within a low budget.

Destination #1: United Arab Emirates

One of the most famous holiday destinations among the travelers who love to travel during leisure is UAE. This country boasts of its splendid beauty and the variety of things that you can do once you reach there. Among the number of places that you can visit in UAE, Dubai is definitely one that you can’t miss. This city is revered for its tourist-friendly environment and the numerous striking monuments. Book some of the best hotels at Airbnb and if you’re not traveling solo, you can get beautiful hotels at 1700-2100 per person per night. Business tours, shopping, cultural tourism, desert safaris, adventure sports, water sports and many more activities will keep you busy in UAE.

Destination #2: Bhutan

Bhutan is known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon or Druk Yul and it is a psychedelic tourist spot. This is one of those neighboring countries which you can visit without a passport and this specific country is well-known for its natural wonders and unspoiled beauty. You can complete the entire tour stay within 9000 Rs. for the entire tour if you can book places at Airbnb. Local sightseeing, cultural tours, adventure sports, Himalayan Tour and wildlife tours are some activities you shouldn’t miss. Thimpu, Phuentsholing, Trashigang, Punakha, Trongsa are some of the best places to visit.

Image Source: http://www.jaspertrips.com/

Destination #3: Singapore

In Singapore, tourism is a vital economical resource with its allurement and pristine beauty which makes them one of the highest visited countries all over the world. Whether it’s for shopping or recreational tours or leisure trips, this country serves as a famous host for its visitors. You can stay here for 7 days by paying 9000 INR per person if you’re traveling 2 together. Book hotels from Tripvago within a range of 1700-2000 per night. Shopping is the main attraction here and garden festival and wildlife tours are also popular. Don’t forget to visit the Helix Bridge, Singapore Flyer, Istana, Merilon Park and Temple of 1000 Lights.

Image Source: https://www.singaporeair.com/

Destination #4: Thailand

With regards to international tourism, there are few countries that can match the tourism ratio of Thailand. This was voted to be the highest visited country in 2013 and it is known for its scenic beauty and awesome places. If you book hotels from Airbnb, 6 days stay will cost you INR 7500 and makemytrip.com also offers you more economic stay at 645 INR per night. Phuket, Bangkok, Tarutao and Santikhiri are some places you shouldn’t miss in Thailand.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your flight tickets as soon as possible. Give a great start to 2017 by visiting the international places listed above.

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