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Treading the Less-Travelled Roads of Zuluk – Where the Roads Challenge You!

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They say that the roads which are less traveled are the most beautiful ones. The mammoth vistas which stimulate your senses are actually a colossal work of art which is drawn by nature to please the travelers as they move out to visit new dimensions which lie at the back of the visions of unpolished minds. The era of antiquity represents for its people today and it is solitude which is found out by the seasoned travelers who love the idea of the off-beaten path.

Situated in Sikkim, Zuluk is a secluded village, an unusual destination and also the most interesting thing which will bring back the pride on your face. It is nestled on the majestic hills of East Himalayas.  It is often said that the best drives in life are those which lead to charging our senses and which offer an ever-lasting impact. If you’re on your way to Zuluk, be ready to take the surreal drive down the 32 hairpin turns for the roughest ride of your life.

Vital things you need to know about Zuluk

  • The Thambi viewpoint lies straightaway at the height of 11,000 feet and this is the best place to catch the panoramic picture of the hairpin turns with the amazing Kanchenjunga being the backdrop for all your editing filters.
  • When you want to reach Zuluk, you have to produce a special permit after showing which you can travel to Zuluk from Rangli.
  • You won’t find any hotels in this village and this fact makes your trip even more engaging and interesting. You have to stay with the locals and they’re cordial enough to arrange small and friendly homestays for travelers, tourists and also for wanderers.
  • Zuluk is actually an offbeat destination but it can be easily accessed through Gangtok and Kalimpong.
  • A mountain which doesn’t have a serene lake will always lack the magic that it could otherwise create. Hence, once you’ve reached Zuluk, don’t miss on the other spectacular sights which are there like the Kupup Lake or the Elephant Lake. This lake is given a local name of Bitan Cho and is also considered as one of the most sacred lakes of Sikkim.

The best time to visit Zuluk

The months of August and September can be a good time to visit Zuluk if you wish to get a fine view of the flowery summer. On the other hand, if you are more of a winter-person, visit Zuluk during the months of January and April as you will get freezing snow.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are already planning for a summer trip to some Himalayan place, you should plan for Zuluk to get the best effect during the aforementioned months. Through this trip, you’ll possibly get the closest to achieving Zen. You can drive through the best roads of India and also feel your heart pounding. The places which are quite unheard of are the ones that give you the best memories.

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