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Trek packing myths busted – Throwing light on the facts

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How and what should I pack for my first trek? If I’m going for a multi-day hike, what do you think I should pack? What actually is considered as too much and what is deemed ‘too little’? After receiving numerous queries, emails and comments enquiring about how you should pack for treks, which trekking gear to buy, here are few advices on how you should pack for trekking. People in the initial journey of trekking usually carry all that they may need in their backpacks so that they can prepare for all kinds of climatic odds.

Just as there myths and facts associated with everything, trekking experience is also not an exception. If you wish to know the truths associated with trekking, you’ve clicked on the right article. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on trekking myths and the facts so that you may know what exactly you should do.

Image Source : theactivetimes.com
Image Source : theactivetimes.com

Trekking packing myths checklist

Myth #1: You require purchasing the greatest and latest trekking gear

Although it is true that there are some trekking clothing technology is specially manufactured for wind-resistance, lightness, wicking and waterproofing, yet experts will always recommend focusing on trekking basics. You should focus on clothes which are comfortable, light, breathable and easily layered. Don’t forget that your trekking experience is not like climbing to the peak of Mount Everest. Hence, there’s no need to overspend; rather opt for good quality products.

Myth #2: You require carrying everything with you in your backpack

For each trek that you go for, you will get enough opportunity to rent gear to supplement your trekking kit. Remember that it is not practical for any trekker to carry bulky pants which are waterproof in their backpacks when you will need them only for a small period of time. The same is applicable for sleeping bags and walking sticks. Do a bit of homework and find out what are the things that are available and at what charges. You may even ask the tour company to reach out to other independent travelers who have had the same experience of trekking. Also shop around for grabbing the best price.

Myth #3: Real treks should include camping

This is something that is subjective. Although it’s true that carrying  your own gear and camping gives you a different sense of independence and accomplishment, yet it is not true that a ‘real’ trek is only possible when you camp. There are times when you’ll feel that a trek is best when you mix with the local people and interact with others. For many, the combined experience of people and nature nourishes the soul.

Necessary principles for packing for your trek

  1. You have to take care of the layers

In all types of tours, whether short or long-term, when you trek to higher altitudes, temperatures can fall drastically during the stretch of a day. You should therefore always be ready with those extra layers in your backpack than to suffer due to cold. Even if you feel that the days are warm, you should be ready for all odds.

  1. Carry enough sleeping and rest clothes

Would you prefer wearing those stinky and yucky clothes which you wore throughout the day while you sleep at night? Even though you may be going minimalist, you should always carry comfortable night wear which you can change at the end of the day. T-shirts, pajamas and socks are a MUST.

  1. Don’t skimp while carrying sun protection

As you trek higher in elevation, the sun becomes extremely strong. You may love the tan which beautifully sets on your skin in the beach, but when you’re on the hills, don’t forget ample sunscreen. Carry a hat to protect your face from the UV rays as trekking with sunburn can become a miserable experience.

Therefore, now that you know the secrets of packing for trek, what are you waiting for? Check out the best trekking destinations and head on with your friends for a journey of a lifetime!

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