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Trip to Ooty? Follow these Tips

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Ooty is also known as the Queen of the Nilgiris. Ooty is a beautiful hill station set admits the Nilgiri Mountains and people from all over India come to this hill station to relax and admire the natural beauty. Over the past few years, Ooty has also experienced the growth of resorts apart from the hotels for accommodation. This availability of accommodation helps the outsiders a lot during their visit.  

What are the things in Ooty can be enjoyed by the holidaymakers?

Mesmerizing lakes of Ooty

It is a nature’s hub and dotted with sparkling lakes and dense foliages. There exist some truly enchanting lakes bordered with the large eucalyptus trees and the jungles. Doing paddle boating on the Ooty Lake is highly romantic! Local food courts, war memorial, and gardens add to the charm. The Avalanche Lake is another must-visit place during your Ooty tour since it is synonymous with solitude & breezy romance.


Ooty travel is a heaven for nature lovers & photographers or painters. If you really love to watch TV channels like Animal Planet and Discovery, then Ooty is just the perfect place for you. Ooty is hilly and filled with forests & gardens. Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit for everybody and promises real thrill & delight to a wildlife lover. Apart from an array of beautiful birds, you can feast your eyes on bison, deer, elephants, rhinos, reptiles and even canines. Don’t forget to take your cameras with you!

Tips for travellers while visiting Ooty

Best time to visit

It is the south-western part of India and has pleasant weather throughout the year. It also witnesses the heavy rainfalls during the entire monsoon season. After the monsoon season, the whole atmosphere becomes magical, with lush green trees and mesmerizing hill stations. The best time to visit this place is between October-March.


While planning to visit Ooty during summers in the period of March to June, carry light cotton clothes. Ooty summers are decently hot. One can wear shorts also. Women should dress conservatively. Shorts and too tight revealing clothes should be avoided for women. While visiting hilly areas during summers kindly carry some warms clothes as it is cold there.

During winters, especially in the period of October to February pack some woolen clothes and warm inners.

During rainy seasons, the humidity level is quite high, so don’t wear synthetic clothes. It’s advisable to wear cotton clothes in this season.

Inland Transportation

The local transport facilities in Kerala are very affordable and easily available. It has a vast network of buses, auto rickshaws, cabs, boats, and ferries.

Specialist Checkup

The most vital step for the travelers who need to stay safe on a trip is to get a physical checkup from their doctor. It’s vital for their specialist to discover that one doesn’t have any prior sickness that may keep them from making a tough outing. The specialist may likewise refer to a few specialists in the region that you plan to visit.

Road Trip Tips

Before embarking on the trip, one needs to plan ahead and come up with a travel itinerary that should include what roads one will be traveling on and where one will be staying. The travel itinerary should be given to someone who is not going with on the trip so they can know where the person is at all times in case something does go wrong.

So if one is looking for a good traveling destination with enriched natural beauty, then Ooty is the place with a good option for the travelers they can consider for.

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